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SYFY WIRE Wonder Woman

Exclusive 'One Perfect Shot' clip finds Patty Jenkins returning to Wonder Woman's 'No Man's Land'

Even Jenkins is impressed by the rendered visualization of the scene.

By Vanessa Armstrong
One Perfect Shot Wonder Woman

It’s a scene that anyone who has watched Wonder Woman will remember. Gal Gadot’s Diana looks across "No Man’s Land," the space between the two armies of World War I, and runs across the wasteland deflecting bullets off her cuffs and shield as she goes.

It’s Wonder Woman’s origin story, and it’s a moment that director Patty Jenkins calls one of the most important scenes in the whole film. 

In HBO Max’s new documentary series One Perfect Shot, Jenkins describes the creation of the scene in great detail. SYFY WIRE has an exclusive clip of Jenkins walking through a 360-degree rendering of "No Man’s Land," (created by CBS VFX, which does the visual effects for the series) as she breaks down the sequence's importance.

It’s pretty impressive in its detail — take a look for yourself in the exclusive clip below:

In the video, Jenkins calls this scene one of the hardest to shoot in the entire movie. “It was really important to me to capture the true tension of what it feels like to be out in a place like that, in a barren landscape,” she says. 

The scene is more than just visually stunning; it also is a pivotal moment for Gadot's character. "One of the most interesting things to me about Wonder Woman and Diana’s journey is the fact that she comes from an idyllic place where they have learned to live without war,” Jenkins says near the end of the clip. “And she showed up in man’s world in a period of time that just happened to be the first mechanized war, where mankind was really changing their belief system of what they were willing to do to each other.”

Jenkins is just one of the filmmakers featured in One Perfect Shot, which was inspired by the eponymous Twitter account and created for television by Ava DuVernay. Other featured directors include Aaron Sorkin, Kasi Lemmons, Jon M. Chu, Malcolm D. Lee, and Michael Mann. All six 30-minute episodes of One Perfect Shot will premiere tomorrow, March 24, on HBO Max.