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James Gunn promises more high-profile DC cameos in Season 2 of 'Peacemaker' on HBO Max

Still no word on when production will begin on the show's sophomore outing.

By Josh Weiss
Peacemaker Justice League

That surprise appearance from the Justice League in the Season 1 finale of Peacemaker was only the beginning. Recently chatting with Total Film, creator James Gunn promised even more high-profile DC cameos in the show's second season.

"I think we're going to see more connections in some other stuff as we move forward with Peacemaker and other shows at HBO Max," he said, making reference to a mystery project set within the world of The Suicide Squad. "So those [cameos] will keep coming. I don't know if the Justice League is going to show up in every season of Peacemaker; that might be a one-time thing. We'll see!"

The hit spinoff series was renewed last month, though it's unclear when production will begin on the sophomore outing. In the meantime, Gunn might have mercy on fans and release a bunch of bonus content from the hilarious exchange between Ezra Miller (The Flash) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman), both of whom appeared as their Justice League characters near the end of the eighth episode.

"I have tons of stuff I didn't use," the director/producer teased. "Ezra went on — and I'm not kidding — for 16 minutes about Aquaman having sex with fish. It was really funny."

Batman and Cyborg were allegedly supposed to be present as well (if true, they'd have most likely appeared in silhouette like Superman and Wonder Woman), but both heroes were reportedly cut from the scene during the post-production process. Even so, the fact Gunn was able to get away with as much as he did, receiving permission to let Arthur Curry swear onscreen, speaks volumes.

"It was done through pure force of will on my part, of really pushing it to happen," the filmmaker explained. "I think everybody read it in the script, agreed to it, and then it became [a thing], and they realized what a big f—ing deal it was."

While nothing is known about the second television spinoff mentioned above, Gunn did let slip that it most likely won't be an out-and-out comedy like Peacemaker (speaking of which, click here to watch a 9-minute gag reel). The writer/director/producer is currently back in the MCU, shooting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Once he's finished with that and the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Gunn will temporarily put moviemaking on the back burner.

"My mind’s made up on that," he told Variety. "Not all the shows that we’re dealing with are things that I’m going to be writing and directing, so some of them may take different amounts of my my time. Peacemaker is going to be me writing, me directing and spending all my time on set. But other other shows that may not be writing and directing or not directing all the episodes."

All eight episodes of Peacemaker's debut season are now streaming on HBO Max along with The Suicide Squad.