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Get a glimpse of Alfred's backstory in this teaser for Epix's Pennyworth series

By Tara Bennett

Everybody (especially SYFY WIRE) is celebrating Batman's 80th this week, but what about some love for his loyal valet and butler, Alfred Pennyworth? When you say his name, most people imagine a stuffy British gent in a proper suit sighing at Bruce Wayne. Or, you know, someone like Michael Caine.

Tired of Alfred not getting the respect he deserves, Gotham creators Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon aim to change how you think about the character forever by presenting his glorious '60s backstory in this summer's new EPIX series, Pennyworth.

Check out your first glimpse of actor Jack Bannon in action as Alfred in EPIX's first teaser trailer, above.

Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth

At this winter's TCAs, SYFY WIRE asked executive producers Heller and Cannon what about Alfred's past felt TV-series-worthy. Heller was adamant that "Pennyworth is in the great tradition of origin stories where the stories are so attractive, and people love them because it's like seeing pictures, or video, of your parents before you were born. It's impossible not to be fascinated by that retrospective look at people you know very well in a different context. Sometimes they're better people than you thought. Sometimes they're worse, but it's always more complex and more interesting than you might have thought."

DC's Pennyworth series will drop this summer with 10 episodes. Set in 1960s London, not long after Alfred's been released from his service in the British SAS, the show finds him starting a security firm. As fate would have it, his first client is American billionaire Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge).

The ensemble cast also includes Paloma Faith, Jason Flemyng (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Ryan Fletcher (Outlander), and Hainsley Lloyd Bennett (Eastenders).