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First Look: The brutal lawman goes hard-boiled in 2000 AD's new Judge Dredd comic thriller

By Jeff Spry
Dredd Cover

Mega-City One's grim enforcer Judge Dredd is dragged back into action within the confines of his violent post-apocalyptic megalopolis with a stimulating new six-chapter series from 2000 AD — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive sneak peek at all the insane executions.

For this newest raging revenge tale, Wagner reunites with his long-running Dredd collaborator and renowned artist John Higgins (Before Watchmen) on ‘Now That's What I Call Justice,’ a fresh and ferocious title which also showcases arresting colors by Sally Hurst and letters by Annie Parkhouse. We've got a mystery caller, an ex-con, and a Judge ruthlessly gunned down in the street, with their killer leaving a mysterious calling card at the crime scenes.

Dredd Cover

‘Now That's What I Call Justice’ first unfolds in 2000 AD Prog 2240, the most recent edition of the legendary British sci-fi anthology magazine which goes on sale on July 14 from all respectable newstands and comic shops, and additionally in print and digital from 2000 AD’s official webshop, and digitally from 2000 AD’s app for Apple and Android devices.

Dredd Slice 1

Wagner and Higgins' riveting Judge Dredd story provides nostalgic callbacks to a classic story of theirs from back in the 1980s, as the stoic lawman investigates a series of cruel Judge murders at the hands of Justice Watch, and reveals hints that the killer might be someone from Dredd's checkered past.

“As to be expected from this zarjaz creative team, it's an unmissable, gritty storyline of Mega-City revenge,” 2000 AD editor Matt Smith tells SYFY WIRE. “This is John firing on all cylinders with a great mix of noir storytelling and hard-nosed action. And it’s great to welcome John back to 2000 AD, reuniting the team that created such classic stories as ‘Letter From A Democrat’, ‘Phantom of the Shoppera’, ’Revolution’ and ‘The Shooting Match.’

Dredd Slice 2

"This story will blow the socks off anyone who has read some of the all-time classic Judge Dredd stories," Smith adds. "But it's also such a great showcase of what Judge Dredd has to offer - brilliant, hard-boiled storytelling and fantastic art, which exactly the kind of action and intrigue that Wagner is well-known for. With everything that's been happening in the world over the last few years, Dredd has never been more relevant, that his co-creator is still producing work of this quality is nothing short of fantastic."

Dredd Slice 3

Now check out our exclusive six-page peek at the first installment of Judge Dredd in 'Now That's What I Call Justice' in the full gallery below.