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The Green Hornet returns in first look at Dynamite's minimalist, noir comic relaunch

By Jeff Spry
green hornet hero

Forget about those mad bee-eating Murder Hornets already invading America! Dynamite's The Green Hornet is set to strike next month across the continent as the indie publisher celebrates 10 years of delivering the iconic pulp character in comics and graphic novels.

Flying into comic shops on June 10 with a moody three-color palette highlighting the interior art, the classic crusading avenger Green Hornet, Kato, the Black Beauty, and an arsenal of super-cool gadgets are back in this dynamic, minimalist series. Written by Scott Lobdell (Flash Forward, Uncanny X-Men), accented by stark black, white, and green artwork by Anthony Marques (Red Sonja, Vampirella), and lettered by Taylor Esposito (Batman, No One Left To Fight), The Green Hornet is a return to comics' noirish roots in a compelling new release to kick off the summer. 

GH 2

The plotline sees an alien infant crash onto our planet, and the Green Hornet and Kato must keep him safe from a deadly new brand of nemesis. Are they prepared to battle an onslaught of dark and deadly enemies willing to stop at nothing and do whatever is necessary to save the strange child?

"Working on Green Hornet has been extremely fun!," Marques tells SYFY WIRE. "This story has been in the works with Dynamite for a long time and I am so happy that the stars aligned and we were finally able to get started. Everyone at Dynamite has been extremely supportive and helpful in bringing this series to fruition.

"The characters of Green Hornet and Kato are classic and the story that Scott is writing plays with those classic elements and adds a whole new dimension. I've worked with Scott for a number of years. As an editor and artist, and he always has these wonderfully big ideas. He's a fantastic collaborator and is great for building a story that plays to the artists' strengths."

GH slice 1

"We really wanted to set out and create an impressive rogues gallery for our heroes," he adds. "People know who Green Hornet is but I don't think anyone could name a villain that he's faced before. Each issue builds and introduces threats who are tied to this mysterious baby that we see Green Hornet and Kato protecting in the first few pages.

"I wanted the art to stand on it's own and let the color be an accent. The shade of green that I am using for color, it is actually the only color being used in the story, is very easy on the eyes and doesn't distract from the reading or viewing experience."

GH Slice 2

"The incredible J.Bone is doing the inks on this and he's just fantastic," Marques notes. "He is an incredible artist and he helps to bring the pages to life. Between he and I, the simple color, the action packed writing of Scott, and the talented lettering of Taylor, I am beyond ecstatic for people to give it a look and hopefully come back for more."

GH Slice 3

The Green Hornet #1 also showcases an enticing nest of covers from all-star artists like Lee Weeks (Batman, Daredevil), Dave Johnson (Superman: Red Son, 100 Bullets), Mike McKone (Teen Titans), Leonardo Romero (Captain America), Walter Geovani (Red Sonja), and also Marques himself.

Blast into our exclusive preview in the gallery below and watch for this pulpy treasure swarming into comic shops in June!