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SYFY WIRE Stranger Things 3

Quench your Stranger Things thirst with this refreshing extended New Coke ad

By Jeff Spry
Stranger Things Season 3 Hero

For avid SYFY WIRE readers too young to have experienced the overly sugared sensation of New Coke when it debuted across America in 1985, you didn't miss much. But for the young Hawkins heroes of Netflix' Stranger Things, Coca-Cola's fatal marketing mistake was all the rage that one perfect summer.

Stranger Things S3

Last week we brought you news of the venerable soft drink titan's decision to ink a marketing tie-in deal with the Duffer brothers' smash series in its third season, arriving on July 4, and the faux New Coke commercial depicting a happy pair of thirsty pals out for an eventful evening at the Starcourt Mall's neon-lit movieplex.

Now Stranger Things' Twitter has dropped an extended trailer of this awesome ad starring Steve and Dustin checkin' out a fave flick on Friday night. Take a sip:

While the original clip clocked in at just 38 seconds, this longer version adds nearly another full minute of images and scenes, including a longer sequence at the snack bar as the flirty female vendor pours Steve a frosty cup of New Coke, and a funny section where Dustin reveals his tasty recipe for the ultimate movie theater snack by dumping a whole box of Milk Duds into his jumbo tub of buttered popcorn.

Stranger Things S3 Slice

Are you psyched for Stranger Things Season 3, and do you think you might try this salty-sweet concoction next time you're out viewing the latest Hollywood release?

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