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'Renfield' star Nicolas Cage reveals fans have literally slapped him thanks to one iconic movie line

Some movie stars get handshakes and selfies. Nicolas Cage gets slapped.

By Matthew Jackson
Nicolas Cage in Renfield (2023)

Nicolas Cage is one of the internet's favorite actors, so it's no surprise that when he goes out in public, he gets some interesting reactions from people. In fact, according to the Renfield star, one of his most famous films is so beloved that it's led to some fans actually slapping him in public places. Like, literally.

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Speaking to Entertainment Tonight to promote the new film, in which he plays the legendary Count Dracula, Cage was asked if there are any particular lines from his decades-long career that people like to shout out at him while he's out and about. Interestingly, the line he mentioned isn't a line he says, but a line that's said to him, in the classic romantic comedy Moonstruck

"From Moonstruck, I would walk through the airport and people just had a habit of saying 'Snap out of it!'" Cage recalled. "I did get slapped a few times, but that's OK. It's part of the job."

In the original film, of course, Cage's co-star Cher delivers both the line and the slap that precedes it. It's one of the most famous movie quotes not just in Cage's filmography, but in all of cinema, so it's no wonder it's quoted at Cage quite a bit. Still, it would be more than disorienting to see Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage just take a slap from a stranger and then keep walking through the airport. 

Cage also took some time to talk about Renfield and Dracula, of course, and even shared that his film career provided at least one real-life inspiration for his version of the Count. Since Cage's Dracula is a demanding boss who won't stop hammering away at his much put-upon familiar, played by Nicholas Hoult, the actor called on a particularly memorable incident from his own film career in which a director yelled at him after injuring himself. Though he declined to name the director, or the film, Cage recalled pounding his fist against a window in a very "dramatic" scene, only to have the glass break and cut his hand. The director's response was less than sympathetic.

"I was with my co-star, and the director said 'Now you two are going to have to have a bit more discipline if you expect me to get through this movie without losing my temper!'" Cage recalled. "I thought 'Well, that's a good model for Dracula,' and I did use that line. I kept trying to bring it back."

Renfield is in theaters Friday. Get tickets now.