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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Recap: The Alien Tracker returns and D'Arcy spirals in 'Resident Alien' Season 2, Episode 14

Never underestimate a young boy's desire to be friends with an alien.

By Josh Weiss
Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 14

We're in the endgame now, folks. Only two episodes remain of Resident Alien's second season on SYFY.

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While they need to figure out a way to stop the world from ending, Harry (Alan Tudyk) and Asta (Sara Tomko) must briefly put that apocalyptic concern on the back burner when an old friend (well, technically, he's more of an enemy) shows up in Patience. In the periphery of all these cosmic hijinks, you've also got Ben (Levi Fiehler) and Kate (Meredith Garretson) warring over the resort, while D'Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) struggles with an addiction to painkillers. And...oh yeah, the government has the alien baby in custody.

What else could go wrong? Let's dive right in!


The episode begins at the secret government black site housing suspected alien beings. General McCallister (Linda Hamilton) doesn't believe that the kid who looks like Bobby Smallwood is actually an alien. She tells the boy to stop wasting her time. Sensing deep pain within the General, the newborn reads her mind, learning that her lighthouse keeper father committed suicide when the government gaslit him into thinking he never saw a UFO. The baby then reverts to its true form, giving McCallister the proof she's chased her entire life.

After the heartbreaking encounter with her birth mother last week, Asta confronts Dan (Gary Farmer), who owns up to his mistake of not telling his adopted daughter the truth. He goes on to explain that Mary Ellen Taylor was a member of his band, which made Asta the honorary fifth member. Dan took care of the baby girl "most of the time" until Mary Ellen left one day. Rather than call Child Protective Services, however, he called an adoption lawyer. We've said it before and we'll say it again: Dan is the GOAT father! Not wanting to be like her callous mother, Asta tracks down Jay (Kaylayla Raine) and tells her that she'll always love and support her, even if Jay wants nothing to do with Asta.

Meanwhile, the resort battle continues with Kate and Kayla (Sarah Podemski) calling on their legal expertise to temporarily bar construction from taking place in the town. Ben gets all passive-aggressive, loudly grinding coffee beans every time Kayla and his wife attempt to make any progress at the kitchen table. Realizing that it's probably unwise to hold such meetings in the house, Kate proposes a truce: the resort will not be discussed by either of them at home.

Sheriff Mike (Corey Reynolds) figures out a loophole to this rule by inviting himself over for dinner. Since he doesn't live in the Hawthorne household, he's free to discuss the resort. As expected, things do not go well. Max (Judah Prehn) learns about sex workers and Kate verbally flirts with the idea of shtupping a wealthy out-of-towner in an effort to push Ben's buttons. While the mayor does admit that it's gratifying to see his wife happy, he's still determined to fight her tooth and nail in court. After dinner, Mike heads to The 59 afterwards for a beer with Liv, only to learn that the deputy has set him up on a date with Detective Lena Torres (Nicola Correia-Damude).

Having promised to not keep any secrets from Asta, Harry opens up about his ominous encounter with the The Grey leader (voiced by Star Trek icon, George Takei), though this doesn't do much to placate Asta, who discovers that Harry has doodled a picture of the Earth exploding. Not long after, Harry details a plan to confuse The Greys: he'll rip out the implants they've put into humans and place them into show dogs.

Despite her moment of skiing triumph in Episode 13, D'Arcy has begun to spiral out of control, experiencing rapid mood swings from her addiction to painkillers. This begins to worry Elliott (Justin Rain), who later breaks up with her.

Down at City Hall, Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen) reflects over her fruitless efforts to contact Peter Bach, aka The Alien Tracker. She's all but given up hope when the man himself (guest star Terry O'Quinn) shows up, asking her out to lunch. He may seem like a conspiracy nut to the general public, but his mission is rather noble: he doesn't want anyone else to suffer the heartache that he and his wife endured several decades before when their unborn child was abducted straight out of the womb.

He and Liv head to the diner where Harry happens to be, leading to a chase between alien and Alien Tracker through the streets of Patience. After his near-fatal encounter with Harry at the end of Season 1, Bach is prepared this time with the aid of a cattle prod. He corners the faux doctor in the alley behind The 59, but thinking on his feet, Harry uses Judy (Jenna Lamia) as cover by pretending to be sexually attracted to her.

Bach loses his target, but gets a serious lead while taking a look at Liv's alien case file: the drawing of Harry that Max drew in Season 1. He eventually confronts Max, asking for his help, unaware that Harry is watching nearby. Refusing to hide in fear, Harry concocts his own plan to exploit The Alien Tracker's knowledge of The Greys. Harry sneaks into Max's room, asking for his help as a friend. The boy initially declines this olive branch of friendship, stating that when he asked Harry to ride in his bicycle basket like E.T., the alien told him to fill the "basket with rocks and ride into the lake." To be fair, Harry doesn't have the same build as E.T., who "was shaped like a sexy potato."

Acting on intel from Max, Bach sneaks into Harry's cabin, cattle prod in hand, ready to bag himself an alien. The only problem is that he made one fatal mistake: he underestimated Max's desire to be friends with an extra-terrestrial. Harry gets the drop on Bach and we cut to the outside of the house as electricity flashes through the windows.

Let's hope ol' Peter is OK.

New episodes of Resident Alien air on SYFY every Wednesday at 10 p.m. Eastern before hitting the SYFY app and Peacock the following day. The hit show has already been renewed for a third season.