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Rick and Morty raises more sci-fi hell, sets June debut in first kooky trailer for Season 5

By Josh Weiss

Prepare to get riggity riggity wrecked! Sexy ocean men, giant mantis monsters, and more things that defy proper description abound in the first out-of-control trailer for Rick and Morty's fifth season. At one point, Beth (Sarah Chalke) declares, "We can work this out, just stop trying to kill each other" as multiple versions of Rick run throughout the house with deadly laser guns. And is that some variation of Mr. Poopybutthole at the one-minute mark? Oh yeah, we're so ready for the next round of episodes.

The hit Emmy-winning sci-fi series — created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland — will officially return to Adult Swim on Sunday, June 20, at 11 p.m. EST. To celebrate the news, Adult Swim has officially dubbed June 20 as "Rick and Morty Day." Rick, the greatest mind in the multiverse, and Morty, his nebbishy grandson (both are voiced by Roiland), are back for another round of outlandish hijinks with Beth, Jerry (Chris Parnell), and Summer (Spencer Grammer).

Watch the trailer:

Appearing at PaleyFest NY last fall, Harmon admitted that the coronavirus pandemic helped keep the new season ahead of schedule. "It kind of makes you have to focus on the whole process when you don't have this office environment anymore," he said. "Everyone has to run this bee colony remotely, so the honey just gets made more consistently. It's working for us."

At the time, the co-creator was in the middle of production for the next two seasons. Back in 2018, Adult Swim placed an order for 70 additional episodes.

"Immediately after this panel, I'll be going and reviewing an animatic for a late Season 5 episode," Harmon continued. "And yet, we are very late [in the process of] writing Season 6. I'm looking at finales for both seasons and then also refining the finale of one and then the premiere of the other. So I can't remember the differences."

Rick and Morty Season 5 key art

The first four seasons are currently available to stream on HBO Max.