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SYFY WIRE The Munsters

Rob Zombie's 'The Munsters' drops first official key art in living color

The spookiest family on the block is back. 

By Matthew Jackson
The Munsters

We've still got a lot of genre projects on the big and small screens to look forward to in the back half of 2022, and one of the most intriguing is The Munsters, Rob Zombie's new vision of the beloved monster sitcom family, which arrives at some point later this year. We've seen Zombie's set photos, watched the first teaser, and now the film's official key art has arrived to showcase the living color of the upcoming film. 

Like the 1960s TV series before it, Zombie's The Munsters will follow Herman (Jeff Daniel Phillips), his wife Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie), and Lily's father Grandpa (Daniel Roebuck) as they go about their lives as just another average American family...well, an average American family that just happen to be monsters living in a spooky old house. We still don't know much about the film's overall plot, but we do know that Zombie has worked hard to recreate the whimsically creepy vibe of the original series, and that shows through once again in the key art, which features the three stars in makeup that's very reminiscent of the looks that the Munsters sported in the color TV movies that followed the series.

Check out the art below:

The Munsters Key Art

In addition to Phillips, Zombie, and Roebuck, The Munsters will feature an intriguing supporting cast that includes Cassandra Petersen, aka Elvira, as a local realtor; original Munsters star Butch Patrick as the Tin Can Man; and original Munsters star Pat Priest in a still-mysterious role. Other actors who've signed on in mystery roles include Sylvester McCoy, Richard Brake, Catherine Schnell, and Jorge Garcia. Zombie served as both writer and director on the film, and has pledged since the project was announced that he's making a family friendly film that honors that spirit of the original series. Still, an updated take on The Munsters also meant color was required, something Zombie has already acknowledged in interviews. 

While the original TV series was in black-and-white, there is plenty of precedent for The Munsters in color. After the show ended, the original cast participated in two films, Munster, Go Home! and The Munsters' Revenge, and a new cast was brought in for both Here Comes the Munsters and The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas in the 1990s. Then there was the TV series follow-up The Munsters Today in 1988, and Bryan Fuller's TV movie reimagining Mockingbird Lane in 2012. 

The Munsters arrives later this year.

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