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Trailer for new Blumouse horror film 'Run Sweetheart Run' dares you to survive the night

Get ready for a deadly new game, just in time for Halloween.

By Matthew Jackson
Run Sweetheart Run (2022)

We are officially in full-tilt horror movie season, which means you've got a lot of new releases both in theaters and on streaming all contending for your attention. Thankfully for us scary movie fans, the release calendar is at least spread out a little bit across the whole month of October, which means you have both time to watch everything and new stuff to look forward to as we get closer to Halloween. If you're already blocking out your calendar with this in mind, you might want to go ahead and add Run Sweetheart Run to your watchlist. 

The setup for the new film, directed and co-written by Shana Feste (Dirty Diana) and produced by Jason Blum through his horror staple Blumhouse, sounds very familiar to anyone who's watched enough scary thrillers about tough women and the bad men who want to exploit them. The film follows Cherie (Resident Evil's Ella Balinska), a single mother set up to meet with a new client on behalf of her boss (Clark Gregg). Worried that she might be stumbling into something creepy or uncomfortable, she instead meets Ethan (Game of Thrones' Pilou Asbæk). He's charming, kind, and wants to take her out for the best sushi in the city. What could go wrong?

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Well, it turns out Ethan has something else in mind for the end of the evening, and suddenly Cherie finds herself at the center of a rich, powerful man's deadly game. He makes a simple deal with her: He's going to hunt her across the city, and if she can escape him all night, she gets to live. What follows is a dark pursuit across Los Angeles, during which Cherie discovers Ethan might be more than a rich guy who wants to hurt women. 

Check out the trailer below:

There are some really interesting glimpses in this trailer of how Run Sweetheart Run hopes to play with a thriller formula that's also been twisted in new ways by other recent releases like Fresh and See for Me. Is Ethan more than human? Is he connected to other players in the same game? How exactly did that other woman manage to survive him? These are all very intriguing questions, and we'll find out the answers when Run Sweetheart Run lands on Amazon Prime Video Oct. 28.

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