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SDCC 2019: Breaking down the Westworld Season 3 trailer


If there's one thing the writers of Westworld excel at it, it's creating a wonderfully twisted timeline of mysteries for the viewers to solve. The upcoming third season looks to be keeping that tradition alive. At San Diego Comic-Con, HBO dropped a brand-new Westworld Season 3 trailer, and we have questions! Fortunately, we also have theories, because that's what we do at SYFY WIRE Con After Dark!

First, we can probably rule out time travel, even though Thandie Newton's Maeve has apparently found herself back in World War II. More specifically, Maeve appears to be in Nazi-occupied territory. This is probably another Delos theme park, but it creates even more mysteries. Maeve was essentially destroyed/deactivated at the end of Season 2. That means someone had to put her back together and dump her into the other park. But why? What agenda could that possibly serve?

Meanwhile, Season 3 will apparently expand the world of the show beyond the limits of the parks. Case in point, Aaron Paul is joining the series as Caleb, a construction worker. We get to see Caleb enjoying his lunch alongside his "friend," a construction robot. It's unclear how much time has passed between the two seasons, but robots appear to be more integrated into daily life than we've been led to believe. That said, Caleb's buddy would never pass for human, and we don't know how much personality he really has.

Finally, there's Dolores. She's the ultimate wild card for the series. Dolores massacred scores of people to make her escape from Westworld. What is she going to do now that she's free? We'll have to wait until 2020 to see the third season of Westworld. But we have more theories in the full video!