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Sigourney Weaver encourages sci-fi fans to 'vote for the planet' in Alien-themed video

By Jacob Oller
Sigourney Weaver Ellen Ripley Alien

Earlier in the year, actors were reprising some of their classic genre roles and riffing on famed franchises in order to spread the word about coronavirus safety. Now, they're doing the same thing as last-minute efforts to encourage Americans to get out the vote. Whether that means teaming up with fellow Star Trek alumni or simply threatening to put on a super-suit and whip some tail, those in the genre world are looking to enfranchise voters. And now one of the greatest stars of the sci-fi world, Sigourney Weaver, has joined in the cause.

That's right, Ellen Ripley herself is here to make sure sci-fi fans go to the ballot box. Weaver tweeted out a video filled with Alien references to encourage fans to vote — and maybe even save the planet.

Take a look:

You might not "have to be an Ellen Ripley to save the world," but Weaver still teases that you don't "need to be an endoparasitoid acid-spraying monster to destroy it." The dialogue still rolls off her tongue — she's got sci-fi jargon in her DNA now.

"Let's all vote for the planet," the actress says, "and put some humans back in the White House." Then she signs off with a riff on an iconic tagline: "Remember, in space, no one can hear you scream. But at the ballot box, everybody can." Put THAT on a poster.

Those still looking to find voting information can do so here.