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Web of pranks! Spider-Man: Far From Home stars surprise fans at Disneyland

By Josh Grossberg
Peter Parker with Iron Man gauntlet in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Their Spidey senses were tingling all right!

Some very luck teens visiting Disneyland in Anaheim earlier this week got to take some snaps with their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man among other favorite Marvel characters.

But little did they realize that the guy in the suit was none other than Peter Parker's real-life alter-ego, Tom Holland!

The Spider-Man: Far From Home actor crashed the theme park for a surprise photo op along with costars Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon, taking off his mask and freaking out quite a few fans who thought they were posing with just another one of the park's cadre of costumed performers.

Based on the below videos posted online, the kids enjoyed every second with Holland and company. Take a look:

Where's Robert Downey Jr. dressed as Iron Man when you need him?

Holland and the cast dropped by to hype Marvel's latest Spider-Man big-screen adventure. Now that the webslinger has been saved from Thanos' infamous Snap in Avengers: Endgame, and has returned to high school (five years later and perhaps a little wiser), we'll just have to wait and see how Peter's relationship with Zendaya's MJ shakes out when they travel with friends to Europe for a vacation.

By the looks of the latest trailer, it looks like Spidey's going to have to pull more than a few strings to get Nick Fury and Happy Hogan out of his hair before he goes up against Quentin Beck, aka Spider-Man's arch-nemesis Mysterio, played by Gyllenhaal, and discovers a tear in space-time pointing to a possible multiverse. And Mr. Spoiler himself, Holland, issues a warning up front not to watch for those few folks left in the universe who may not have seen the new Avengers yet.

The Jon Watts-directed blockbuster is slated to hit theaters July 2.