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SYFY WIRE Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man's Far From Home costume 'more complicated than the batsuit'

By Jacob Oller
Spider-Man: Far From Home stealth suit

Spider-Man had the gift of technology early in his MCU career thanks to the mentorship of one Tony Stark. But with Iron Man’s future presence in his life dramatically lessened, the transition from Homecoming to Far From Home wasn’t just a tumultuous one from a narrative level, but from a practical one. Peter Parker still needs a Spidey-suit after all. But fans shouldn’t despair. They’ve seen the new versions (right, versions) of the supersuit that the hero will wear — and those behind their design are giving fans a bit of inside intel on their capabilities.

Speaking to TotalFilm, executive producer Eric Carroll, associate costume designer Michael Mooney, and costume FX supervisor Graham Churchyard explained not only some secrets behind Spider-Man’s new look, but also some regarding Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio — like that the quasi-hero’s cape actually contains “light-up double-pane windows,” which could certainly be used to generate some sort of special effect. But we’re here to talk about Spider-Man, not about his comic nemesis (and possible big screen ally).

Since Spidey’s new suit isn’t Stark-made, that means there are a few new caveats that must be addressed. Though the stealth suit is “very much in the world” of Black Widow and S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Man can’t be completely cool. They have to give him “something a little goofy” to even things out. So here, Spidey’s got a pair of “‘80s-inspired flip-up goggles,” which he can shake down on his own.

These exterior goggles are indicative of a larger design ethos that opposes that of the Stark-made Homecoming suit. “This one isn’t made by Stark,” Churchyard said, “so all the tech is on the outside; it’s a lot more armored.” Even if Iron Man didn’t have his hands on the suit, Marvel’s own legendary Spider-Man costumer Robyn Gebhart did. Gebhart’s “worked on every Spider-Man film costume since the Tobey Maguire days,” and helped maintain a sense of tradition.

The stealth suit still has Spidey’s familiar web shooters, though they had to be slightly tweaked in order for them to fit, according to Mooney — but it’s effectively combining multiple on-screen heroes into one supersuit. Spidey’s yet to be super-stealthy in live-action cinema, so making a costume for the webslinger that fit the bill meant making a costume that was “actually much more complicated than the Batsuit,” according to Churchyard. And he should know — he worked on Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, Justice League, and Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman. If this expert is someone to take seriously, Spidey’s supersuit is sitting at the top of this prestigious pile.

Spider-Man goes Far From Home on July 2.