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The Star Trek Cocktails book arrives with a bounty of libations to enjoy...for medicinal purposes

By Tara Bennett
Star Trek Cocktails book jacket close-up

Relaxing from the universe's withering stresses has always been an important part of the Star Trek universe. For some, that included imbibing alcoholic drinks. Be it solemnly inside their quarters to mark a moment, or collecting with peers in a bar like Ten-Forward, Trek has given us plenty of tantalizing visual cocktails in all of its various film and television iterations that audiences have long wished to taste at home

Luckily, you can now give almost 40 different Star Trek inspired alcoholic drinks a spin at home with the release today of Hero Collector's Star Trek Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium. Written by Glenn Dakin with drinks curated by mixologists by Simon Pellet and Adrian Calderbank, the coffee table book features photos and illustrations of the drinks, the characters, and the events that inspired their creation.

Star Trek Cocktails book jacket

With 54-years of drink inspirations to wade through, Dakin admits it was rough to whittle down the field for the final tome. "It wasn't very scientific. We had so many ideas and references to play with, we just followed our favorites and our own enthusiasms," the author tells SYFY WIRE. "We always wanted the book to be fun, rather than a thorough analysis. Project Manager Ben Robinson and I threw in heaps of ideas, and then put them into moods… sunset cocktails, emergency medical cocktails, party vibe, etc. It was actually more a case of having to leave loads out."

What made the grade are now categorized within eight chapters featuring Trek-themed titles like: "First Contact," "Shore Leave," and "Risan Sunset." Each concoction gets a final product photo or theme-inspired illustration and a detailed recipe page to craft it yourself. 

Unwilling to leave you in the lurch, Hero Collector has graciously given SYFY WIRE the reveal of two drinks from the book: the "Live Long and Prosper" and the "Klingon Bird-of-Prey":

Star Trek Cocktails LLAP

Dakin says the "Live Long and Prosper" is a personal favorite. "I have a fondness for the 'Live Long and Prosper,' perhaps because of the Trixian Bubble Juice. It's refreshing and fun, just like Spock."

If you like your drinks with more growl in your gullet, there's also the strikingly emerald-colored "Klingon Bird-of-Prey." Dakins says this one, like some of the others in the book, gave the mixologists an excuse to really go beyond what you usually see served at a bar. "The idea and the fun of the cocktail came first. Also, the 'Star-Trekkiness,' a strange, elusive quality, but kind of important. I really trusted the mixologists to make it work from there, and they were so resourceful. Simon Pellet certainly got behind the sci-fi idea. He even had one cocktail that simulated a battle in space with sparklers, etc., but we feared it might burn the house down."

Star Trek Cocktails Bird of Prey

Asked about how many of the drinks are actually sourced from Star Trek canon, Dakin explains, "There aren't that many cocktails in the TV series. There are plenty of drinks, wines and ales, but named cocktails, no. So, we've boldly gone and filled the gap. We have included our favorites from the series, like the 'Warp Core Breach' — a mindblower! And the 'Samarian Sunset.' Of course, Dr. McCoy introduced the world to the Mint Julep back in the sixties."

"And some are complete originals based on things we wanted to exist, like the 'Ice Planet,' which is based on the Klingon prison world," Dakin continues. "But we wanted some classic cocktails in there, with a Star Trek twist, just to make sure there were some crowd pleasers and not mere novelty. A good example is 'Kirk's Old fashioned,' which is just the ultimate classic whiskey. But there is a Kirk connection."

We can't think of a better way to head into the holidays than with a plethora of Trek-inspired libations to sample through the New Year. Just remember, the book doesn't come with a Dr. Crusher to deal with that hangover the next morning. Drink responsibly!

Star Trek Cocktails: The Stellar Compendium is available from all book retailers now.