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Star Wars gives fans a sneak peek at Galaxy's Edge's Rise of the Resistance, more

By Jacob Oller
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

While the newest Star Wars theme park attraction, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, isn't opening its tavern doors to fans until later this spring, the geeky amenities have been tantalizing fans for a long time. Who doesn't want to make their own lightsaber or droid companion? Or drink space-themed booze for that matter?

Thankfully for those that simply can't wait to book their reservations to either the Disneyland or Disney World location, Star Wars Celebration offered a look behind the curtain at its creation and all its Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker splendor.

SYFY WIRE attended the panel, which was in the heart of Chicago and not the Black Spire Outpost. First, Imagineer Scott Trowbridge and Mark Hamill (via video) announced that robotics organization First is partnering with Force for Change to promote STEM among young people.

Check it out:

Next, Josh Gad took fans on a video tour behind the scenes of the park area. Then Gad really showed up to introduce the panelists. Doug Chiang, Chris Beatty, Margaret Kerrison, Matt Martin, and Asa Kalama joined Trowbridge and Gad on stage, explaining how the story side and the design side of Star Wars worked together to make Galaxy's Edge part of the canon.

The crew documented some of the street market attractions and the clip of fans flying the Falcon in one of the main rides (which will feature the ability to be a pilot, gunner, or engineer under the command of Jim Cummings' Hondo Ohnaka), until Trowbridge opened up about their newest attraction: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. That sounds like what Episode IX should've been called, right?

Fans can join up against the First Order...but then immediately get captured and have to escape a Star Destroyer. It's the biggest one Disney's ever built, featuring Kylo Ren, Poe, Rey, and BB-8 - and possibly more, including Frank Oz himself appearing as Yoda. Or at least, Yoda's ghost.

The panel showed off a video for the ride, taking place inside the ride itself, set on board that Destroyer.

Take a look:

Yeah, that was all shot on the actual ride itself. Totally immersive. A small "unique" shop hosted by a very particular alien will sell a variety of goods that vistors may need - including lightsabers. You can buy these lightsabers, but they're definitely not going to be as good as the ones visitors can build themselves, which is as intriguing as the promise of a shopful of Easter eggs. Some of these Easter eggs are as corporate and bland as a Coke partnership featuring thermal detonater-esque bottles, while others are as exciting as the new Play Disney Parks app that will tie into all the events in the park as a storytelling tool. The latter will feature a translation device, eavesdropping device, and more to enhance the plot.

Then they played some of the music featured at the Cantina - some of which will come from a funky all-droid band that combines industrial sounds with Daft Punk and punk guitar. That music will be accompanied by all-new tracks composed by John Williams. Those tracks premiered at a final video highlighting much of Galaxy's Edge, including tons of footage of ships - and the incredible replica of the Millenium Falcon.

Fans can visit Galaxy's Edge on May 31 in California and Aug. 29 in Florida.

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