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Stargate producer teases SG-1 star Michael Shanks' return in new revival project

By Trent Moore
Stargate SG-1 Getty

We’ve been hearing about a mysterious new Stargate project from original SG-1 producer Brad Wright for a while — and now it sounds like at least one familiar face could be back for this new trip through the ‘gate.

The detail was revealed by Wright in the latest episode of his podcast Brad Wright’s Conversations in Sci-Fi at The Companion, where he interviews fan favorite SG-1 co-star Micheal Shanks, who played Daniel Jackson on the long-running series and its spinoffs. Wright didn’t offer any major update on the project — namely when it might enter production, or where it might air or stream — but he did tease how work on the script is proceeding.

The big reveal? He’s recently been writing for the character Daniel Jackson, which seems to make clear he’ll show up in some capacity when or if this new project finally happens.

“Writing [for Daniel Jackson] - and I have written you more recently, to tease that - I gotta say how easy it is when you’re writing for a character you’ve written 10,000 lines for,” Wright said in The Companion podcast. “I can hear your voice very clearly when I’m typing.”

A 35-minute version of the interview is available for free, while the full 75-minute cut of the episode is exclusive to members of The Companion. Anyone looking to subscribe to The Companion can join for three months by making a donation to the charity Special Effect, which supplies bespoke controllers and consoles to gamers whose disabilities restrict their access. 

We’d previously heard this new Stargate project would be connected to the world and stories that had already been established over more than a decade in SG-1 and its spinoffs Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. So bringing back a fan favorite like Shanks certainly makes sense, especially since he popped up across pretty much every Stargate project along the way.