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Stargate SG-1 dialing out for a new adventure with strategy PC video game ‘Timekeepers'

By Trent Moore
Stargate SG-1 Getty

While we wait for the ‘gate to eventually fire up for a new live action TV adventure at some point down the line, in the meantime the franchise is getting a surprise throwback to the SG-1 era thanks to a new video game.

CreativeForge Games has announced plans for Stargate: Timekeepers, a new strategy game in development in collaboration with Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), and video game producer and publisher Slitherine. Timekeepers will be a PC title, and marks the first strategy game developed in the Stargate franchise. There have been fits and starts with Stargate video games over the years, and a few have made it to release, but the universe remains largely untapped when it comes to big ol’ video game action.

As for Stargate: Timekeepers, the game will be set at the end of the seventh season of Stargate SG-1, with a fresh story spinning out of the events of the Battle of Antarctica. The game will follow a new character, Commander Eva McCain, and her team as they head off to provide support for SG-1 as Earth's forces take on Anubis’ alien fleet. But that’s just the jumping off point, as McCain’s team will be spun off into their own adventure that will feature several new, original alien worlds.

The studio promises the game will let players travel through time and space as they save civilians from the System Lords, team up with allies and take on new and dangerous threats.

Sadly, no word yet on a release date — though the studio has dropped a teaser you can check out below.