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Exclusive: Follow the next generation of Serenity with new Boom! comic 'All New Firefly'

Today, Boom Entertainment announced we'll see a new Firefly comic this February.


By Vanessa Armstrong
Firefly 001 Cover Main Mona Finden

The Firefly television series may have ended decades ago, but the 'Verse has lived on in and is still thriving in other formats such as novels and comic books. Today, Boom! Studios announced we're getting another new comic series set in the Firefly world focused on a new-look Serenity crew, and SYFY WIRE has the exclusive series reveal and first look at the main and variant cover art for the first issue.

This Firefly series is being boarded by an all-new creative team, with writer David M. Booher (Canto) and artist Jordi Pérez (Queen of Bad Dreams) on board to take Firefly in new directions.

The ongoing series will focus on Captain Kaylee Frye as she leads her crew on a heist they ultimately decide to walk away from when it proves too much for their moral code. Other mercenaries, however, didn't have their qualms and end up stealing the artifacts they were initially after, turning their prospective heist into a recovery mission. Things get more complicated when we learn more about Jayne's family, which has unexpected consequences for the crew.

"I've been a huge fan of the Firefly 'Verse for a very long time," Booher told SYFY WIRE. "After telling Simon and River's story in River Run, I jumped at the chance to tell a longer story with the whole ragtag crew. This all new series takes the crew in a new direction while keeping up the trademark witty banter, high stakes, and emotional connections. My hope is, by the end, we'll see the crew as the big damn heroes we've come to love. Even Jayne. Wait... especially Jayne."

Pérez is also excited about being part of the new series. "I loved illustrating the Firefly crew members, being able to explore and express the personality of each and every one of them," he shared with SYFY WIRE. "And I laughed a lot while illustrating everyone's crazy hijinks, so I hope you all have fun reading the comics."

The feature cover art, shown above and illustrated by Mona Finden, has the Serenity crew looking expectantly up at the sky. We also have two variant covers to share below, created by artists Dan Mora (Once & Future), Ethan Young (The Dragon Path), Dani Strips (Blade Runner: Origins), and Junggeun Yoon (Venom).

The series launches at a comic store near you in February 2022.

Firefly 001 Cover Main Mona Finden
Firefly 001 Cover Variant Ethan Young
Frefly 001 Cover Variant Dan Mora