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Stephen King is a fan of 'Poker Face,' so Rian Johnson & Natasha Lyonne brought the 'shining' puns

Stephen King loves to tweet about stuff he likes, and one of the things he likes is Poker Face.

By Matthew Jackson
Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale in POKER FACE Season 1 Episode 5

In addition to continuing to publish roughly one book a year, Stephen King devotes quite a bit of time to Twitter, where he often offers short reviews of new things he's watched and read. Telling his readers what excites him in the pop culture landscape is something he's basically been doing since the publication of Danse Macabre back in 1981, and while the format might have changed, the enthusiasm hasn't. 

And yes, while King definitely devotes a lot of time to talking about whatever his new favorite horror books and films are at any given moment, the master of horror doesn't just live in his own genre. He watches and reads widely, and when something in another genre catches his eye, he's not shy about saying so. 

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Last week, King revealed that he's one of the many, many viewers who've caught the Poker Face bug, gushing about the new Peacock original series created by Rian Johnson and starring Natasha Lyonne as amateur detective/drifter Charlie Cale. Here's how King described the series in his tweet. 

Of course, because it's Twitter, that means people involved in making Poker Face got to see King's appreciation for their work, including both Johnson and Lyonne, who each responded in their own way. Check out what they had to say:

It's no surprise that King has gravitated toward the series, because he knows a thing or two about fun crime stories. While horror fiction is his bread and butter, King has a deeply rooted love for mystery and thriller fiction, one he's poured into his own work through books like Billy SummersThe Colorado Kid, and of course the Bill Hodges trilogy that began with Mr. Mercedes. Now, he's told his considerable follower count that Poker Face belongs on their screen, and it's quite a ringing endorsement. 

But of course, even before King heaped praise on the series, Poker Face was doing just fine. The series premiered to immediate and basically universal critical acclaim, and according to executives at Peacock, a Season 2 renewal could be in the cards at some point, too. 

New episodes of Poker Face arrive Thursdays on Peacock.

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