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5 things we need to see in Stranger Things Season 4

By Caitlin Busch
Robin Stranger Things 3

With a large portion of the world having, presumably, finished watching Stranger Things 3, it’s time we looked to the future. While the hit Netflix series has been renewed for a fourth season, we’ve got no idea when it will go into production, let alone premiere. But a total lack of information has never stopped fans from speculating or dreaming, has it?

**SPOILER WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things 3.**

Whenever Stranger Things 4 hits Netflix, there are several things we'd like confirmed off the bat — Hopper being alive, first and foremost. Really, that’s it. There are a lot of theories about how, exactly, he got out of that room alive, but one thing is for certain: Everyone is convinced he’s alive.

Outside of Hopper, though, we have a wish list of things we’d like in Season 4. It’s short and sweet, and mainly focuses on more of the character interactions we want to see. Let us know what you want to see in Stranger Things 4 in the comments below!

Jonathan and Nancy in Stranger Things 3

Jonathan and Nancy’s relationship

After all the will-they-won’t-they drama of Season 1 and finally seeing them get together in Season 2, the third season was shockingly lacking on the Jonathan and Nancy romance front — they broke up early on and that was that, even as they continued to play sleuth all over Hawkins. Sure, they’re as great a mystery-solving team as ever, but, c’mon, these are teenagers. You’re telling me they aren’t still all doe-eyed over each other?

It’s fair to assume Season 4 will put some stress on their relationship since it’s now decidedly a much more long-distance situation. But maybe that pining will be a good thing — especially for those of us who’ve shipped them since the beginning.

Robin Stranger Things 3

Steve Harrington and Robin as (high) best friends

Robin’s reveal that she prefers girls to guys is already considered a highlight of not just Season 3 but of the entire series. And Steve’s reaction to it couldn’t have been better. We can pretty much assume they’re gonna be best friends for life from now on, and our Season 4 wishlist involves that coming true for sure.

Also, if the Duffer Brothers wanna put Steve and Robin on wonky truth serum again, all the better.

Robin Stranger Things 3

Robin in general

As we’ve already covered, Robin is a treasure. She’s easily the best addition to Stranger Things in Season 3. I’d be honored if she called me a “dingus.”

In fact, screw Season 4. Let’s just have an entire show dedicated to Robin being smart and solving international crimes.

Eleven and Max Stranger Things

Max teaching Eleven how to be a person

An unexpected delight of Season 3 was seeing Eleven grow more as a person. Sure, she’s great at fighting and loves to hang with the boys, but seeing Max teach her how to live as an ‘80s kid and develop female friendships was a treat. The montage of Max and Eleven running through the mall could be its own YouTube series — it would be viewed millions of times.

It’s probably gonna be a bit harder for Max and Eleven to hang out in Season 4 (since Eleven left town with the Byers), but there’s nothing wrong with phone calls.

Will Byers Stranger Things

Will having something to do

While it’s fair to assume Will will never fully move past the traumas he’s endured (no one could expect him to), we do hope he gets a bit more to do in Season 4. A majority of his time in Stranger Things 3 was spent as a reminder of the group’s childhood. Will’s childhood was stolen from him because of the Upside Down, so it makes sense that he’s the one to cling to the group’s old habits.

Maybe moving away from Hawkins and getting a fresh start will help. Because we’d really like to get to know Will better.