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'Stranger Things' producer consulted Kevin Feige on building a 'STCU'

Shawn Levy explains the fringe benefits of working alongside Kevin Feige.

By Matthew Jackson
Stranger Things Season 4 NETFLIX PRESS

It's no secret that the world of Stranger Things is expanding. Even as we wait for the core show's fifth and final season, creators Matt and Ross Duffer and producer Shawn Levy are at work on the next phase of the universe centered on the weird happenings of Hawkins, Indiana. A spinoff series, and perhaps even a stage play, are already in the works, and according to Levy, the whole project is getting some advice from someone who knows a thing or two about shared universes.

See, in addition to his many other projects, Levy's also been chosen to re-team with Free Guy and The Adam Project star Ryan Reynolds for the third Deadpool film, which has migrated over to Marvel Studios after the Walt Disney Company purchased 20th Century Fox. That means Levy is now working in collaboration with producer Kevin Feige, who's leant a little of his MCU eye to the future of Stranger Things

“Yes, we are building out the STCU, and now that I’m spending time with [chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment] Kevin Feige, I’m learning a lot about how to manage a universe,” Levy told Variety on the Emmy Awards red carpet Monday. “So I’m taking those skills and applying them to the STCU.”

The Duffer Brothers confirmed that spinoff series were in the works earlier this year, when they revealed that Stranger Things would end with a fifth season sometime in the near future. As for the content of the first spinoff show, that remains a closely guarded secret, but the Duffers have promised it's "1000% different" than the original series. For the moment, the premise is so secretive that, as of earlier this year, even Netflix executives didn't know the story. The only person who knows for sure, apart from the Duffers, is Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard, and that's just because he guessed.

As for other, future spinoff shows, we still don't know just how far the Duffers and Levy are ready to push the STCU. The Duffers have other projects developing under their Upside Down Pictures banner, after all, and Levy's got plenty of other things going on himself. Still, for the moment, we can view the newly christened STCU as a space of endless possibilities, and keep our eyes peeled for clues.

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