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Stranger Things set new records for Netflix amid Season 4 speculation

By Brian Silliman
Stranger Things S3

Have you heard about this under-the-radar series called Stranger Things? People really seem to like it. Seriously, people really seem to like it a lot ... and the numbers back that up.

Though Netflix famously keeps a lot of its viewership numbers a secret (you know something wasn't being watched when it gets the Net-axe), the numbers for the most recent season of the sensational cannot be contained. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming series has just set another record.

It was viewed by more than "60 million member households in its first month," THR reports, citing the service itself. They go on to write that the third season of the show is the "most-watched original series ever" for Netflix, and that this information was revealed during a quarterly earnings report. Following its premiere on July 4, Eleven, Mike, and the gang got 64 million views in the four weeks of release alone, with their definition of a "view" being a subscribed household that has watched at least 70 percent of the show.

This comes after Netflix has started giving out small peeks into its numbers, which began in 2018's fourth quarter. Their previous high (with an original series) had been The Umbrella Academy, with 45 million views over its first four weeks.

News of these figures comes at a time when speculation about the show's fourth season is running rampant. Most of it revolves around Hopper (David Harbour) and what exactly is going on with him. If you watched the show's third season, then you know what we're referring to. Harbour has only fanned those query-flames the last few weeks, both during Late Night With Seth Meyers (where he facetimed the show's creators, the Duffer brothers) and while hosting Saturday Night Live this past week. In the latter appearance, Harbour came very close to casually letting a secret fly during his Stranger Things-inspired monologue segment.

Whatever the deal may be with Hopper, Netflix has plenty of reason to celebrate Stranger Things. Their renewal of the show for a fourth season (as well as an overall deal with the Duffers) would support that notion.

Stranger Things is available to stream right now on Netflix. You could try asking any (seriously, any) random stranger on the street about it and get the whole story.