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SurrealEstate's Tennille Read has a lot of hope for Megan Donovan & the Roman Agency's future

By Caitlin Busch
SurrealEstate's Tennille Read Has a Lot of Hope for Megan Donovan's Future

The season finale of SYFY's SurrealEstate, "The House Always Wins," sees the beginnings and shifts of many relationships audiences have gotten to know so far. We learn that Luke Roman's (Tim Rozon) relationship with his mother is really his relationship with the twin sister he never knew; the other members of the Roman Agency band together to save their own; Susan Ireland (Sarah Levy) harnesses the power dwelling inside more than ever; and Megan Donovan (Tennille Read) makes the tough decision to step away from Luke and her new friends. For now, at least.

When we caught up with Read before the season finale, she was hopeful for Megan's future — including her relationships with Luke and the rest of the Roman Agency team. However, before we look to the future, we have to reflect on where Megan is now.

"I think Megan is at a point in Episode 10, the finale, where she definitely needs to take a step back," Read says. "And she doesn't explicitly break up with [Luke], but just decides to focus a little bit more on her own studies. She's come to that point where she deals with life and death [by] her inner schooling. She's a med student... and now her personal life is consumed by these heightened life and death stakes as well. And so it's just a lot for her to process and I don't think she could do it or give it the right amount of processing by being in the world of Luke Roman."

She likes to think that Megan is taking a moment to "regroup the troops" before her curiosity inevitably brings her back. Which makes sense! Throughout Season 1, we saw Megan Donovan — as terrified and out of depth as she sometimes found herself — stepping up to the plate, even if she was taking things with a demon deterring-level of salt.

"If we get a second season, it would be really fun to play an onsite medic for the Roman Agency because they go through the wringer with some of these houses," she says. "They need Megan."

SURREALESTATE -- "The House Always Wins" Episode 110

At one point in the season, Megan seemed to need a medic herself. In Episode 6, "Roman's Six," when interested buyers of a particular house begin dropping like flies, the Roman Agency pulls a bait-and-switch with their adversary — and the audience. Long story short, we're all led to believe for a while that Megan dies after getting stabbed through the eye with rebar. (Please note: She lives. It was a trick.) The elaborate ruse helps the team solve the case, but it certainly gave plenty of viewers and, initially, Read herself a scare.

"I wish I had a little heads up," Read says, laughing, upon reflection of first encountering the scene in her script. "I totally read that script one morning where I wasn't called to set and I got to that part and admittedly started to cry that they had cut me. This was their way of cutting me out of the show, writing me out of the show. But also I felt bad for Megan because she didn't deserve that."

She had to take a moment to remind herself that the creators wouldn't do that to herself or to Megan, who had already established herself as an important member of the Roman Agency, even if she's not on the payroll.

"And sure enough, on the next page [of the script], she's alive and well," she says. "It was a ruse."

What wasn't a ruse was the season-long goings-on in the Donovan House. It's fitting that the first haunted property we're introduced to in the show is the season's final one, even if it's leaving several of our heroes newly scarred and uncertain. Read was particularly excited for folks to get "more closure on this house," even if she is a little biased due to playing the home's onscreen owner.

"The finale does a great job of closing things up and opening new things," she says. "It's the perfect combination for a season finale."

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