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SYFY drawing in more animation with midnight-ish block of adult genre fun

By Brian Silliman

What comes after SYFY? The letters TZGZ, of course! It's literally what comes after SYFY. Make sense? The network is continuing TZGZ, its block of late-night genre-related animated programming, with some new shows.

TZGZ is a late-night round-up of shows consisting exclusively of comedic, animated sci-fi romps, all of which will be geared toward an adult audience. The featured shows will be made up of content that the network has already acquired (such as Futurama, a true sci-fi/comedy mash-up legend), as well as new, exclusive material. The lengths of these episodes will vary, so you could get a 4-minute burst of one show, a 15-minute show after that, all before getting a 22-minute classic episode featuring the Planet Express crew.

TZGZ ran earlier this year, but is back and bigger with returning titles like Futurama and Gary and His Demons, alongside new shows Hell Den, Brogan: Master of Castles, Science, and The Alien Guide to Earth. Much shorter micro-series will also be a part of the experience, coming in shorter bursts between the other shows. High Wizard is set to be along for the ride here. 

More TZGZ originals will begin to roll out in 2020, and will include shows developed with a variety of different creators. SYFY is working with emerging talent as well as new voices to develop the block. When these new voices get drawn, and are thrown up on the screen in a block of spacey-wacey animated madness ... things are gonna get weird. 

Futurama aside, this is the first time that SYFY will be fully tackling adult animated fare, and certainly the first time the network has devoted an entire block of programming to it. We'll have more news on what all of the new shows will cover as things develop, but in the meantime, prepare for a crazy voyage with TZGZ. 

TZGZ is on Saturdays on SYFY, precisely at midnight-ish.