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‘The Ark' co-creator Jonathan Glassner on how that Trust reveal ‘shakes things up’ on SYFY series

We trust this shake-up is going to cause some problems.

By Trent Moore & Vanessa Armstrong
A still image from The Ark Season 1 Episode 5

Turns out there’s a whole lot more to Ark One than we could’ve imagined. The latest episode of SYFY’s space thriller The Ark featured a big death and an even bigger twist — so we caught up with co-creator Jonathan Glassner to break it all down and find out what comes next.

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With the engine room on the verge of catastrophe, someone needs to sacrifice themselves to stop the meltdown. Young crew member Baylor Trent (Miles Barrow) steps up and gives his life to save the ship — but really, he did it to save William Trust, who he knows is actually on the ship. After giving his life to keep the ship afloat, Trent entrusts Lt. Spencer Lane (Reece Ritchie) with the secret that William Trust (Paul Leonard Murray) and his wife are actually on board Ark One, hidden in a seemingly secret compartment.

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It’s not a huge shock that Trust is on an Ark — he did help invent them to save humanity from a dying Earth, after all — but it is surprising he’s hidden onboard the first one, when he was originally scheduled to catch a flight on a later Ark after he worked to keep the program rolling.

So how did they get there? Will their presence cause trouble for the crew? Glassner teased that their appearance on the ship “really shakes things up a lot” moving forward, as the high-powered duo fall right into the mysteries later in the season.

“[Trust] doesn't know why he's on there, himself. He didn't expect to be there,” Glassner tells SYFY WIRE. “He was supposed to be on Ark 5. And so first, he's got to figure out his bearings, who’s who and who he can trust — and then if we can trust [William] Trust. He's going to take our story in some interesting directions.”

New episodes of The Ark air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on SYFY, then stream next-day on Peacock.