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'Boss Baby' sequel reminds us that family is forever in heartwarming new trailer

By Josh Weiss
The Boss Baby Family Business

We didn't plan to get all misty-eyed on a Tuesday, but here we are, crying over the latest trailer for The Boss Baby: Family Business. It's surprisingly heartfelt and emphasizes a core message of "family is forever." DreamWorks really playing with our emotions so soon after the weekend!

Chock full of new footage, the trailer shows us that while Tim and Ted Templeton (voiced by James Marsden and Alec Baldwin, respectively) are tasked with taking down an evil genius (Jeff Goldblum), their real mission is to reconnect after years of estrangement. Now a father in his own right, Tim also gets the chance to better understand his young daughter, Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt), who is so focused on being like her successful Uncle Ted, that she's missing out on the joys of chilldhood.

Watch the trailer here:

DreamWorks' The Boss Baby: Family Business | Official Trailer #3 | Peacock

The film kicks into high gear when Tim's newborn daughter, Tina (Amy Sedaris), asks the brothers to drink a de-aging formula so they can infiltrate Tabitha's school, the Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood. Like Ted before her, Tina is also a secret operative for BabyCorp, which is looking into the school's mysterious founder, Dr. Erwin Armstrong (Goldblum).

Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow are back to voice Tim and Ted's parents, while Eva Longoria tackles the role of Tim's wife, Carol. Tom McGrath returned to helm the sequel, which was produced by Jeff Hermann (Kung Fu Panda 3).

Speaking with Deadline in 2018, McGrath said the first movie was "kind of a love letter to my brother. We had a very tumultuous childhood — most brothers do. We came out the other side and we’re best friends. That was my angle on it, to make sure that you felt like these guys are connected and there’s no other connection like it."

The Boss Baby: Family Business hits theaters and Peacock next Friday, July 2.