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SYFY WIRE New York Comic Con 2021

'The Boys' cast swung by NYCC for a foul-mouthed look at Amazon's breakout hit

By Josh Weiss
Homelander The Boys Season 2

The Boys are definitely back in town.

***The following contains mature content that may not be suitable for younger readers!***

"How f***ing good is it to be back doing this sh**?!"

That's how Antony Starr kicked off a panel for The Boys at New York Comic Con Friday afternoon. We'd expect nothing less from the man who plays Homelander, an anti-Man of Steel with no filter on his language or homicidal tendencies. Later on, Starr got a huge reaction from the audience when asked what helped him get through the pandemic. "Lots and lots of milk," he said, referencing Homelander's bizarre love of lactose on the show.

Chace Crawford upped the profanity level while discussing the moment he knew the Amazon show was a runaway hit. The actor was apparently stopped by a TSA agent who, with no shame whatsoever, brought up an explicit sequence involving The Deep's gills (if you know, you know).

"I would not be surprised if there would be a gill category on PornHub after that," remarked Erin Moriarty (Annie/Starlight). "Guys, there's a third G Spot you don't know about."

Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell) perfectly brought the joke home by coining the phrase "Gill Spot." Disgusting, yet creative! At one point, the conversation started to veer off topic, prompting Quaid to declare: "Back to The Deep's gills!"

Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko/The Female) took a moment to thank all the fans and their incredible support of the series. "The biggest shock is when I see people tenting out to get into a panel ... We [once] handed out burgers to people that were camping out overnight to get into our panel," she said. "That kind of dedication is just so great."

“We are so f***in' happy to see you guys again," concluded Starr.

Amazon wrapped production on a third season of The Boys last month. The new episodes are expected to start dropping sometime next year, though a specific premiere date has yet to be announced.

Supernatural alum Jensen Ackles joins the ever-growing ensemble cast as Soldier Boy (the original Vought-created superhero/Captain America archetype who was briefly mentioned by Giancarlo Esposito's Stan Edgar in Season 2).

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