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Despite all the depravity in The Boys, one scene didn’t make Amazon's cut

By Christian Long
The Boys on Amazon

It's been pretty obvious from the get-go that the Amazon Prime series The Boys would be filled with wretched characters acting out their most depraved impulses. Showrunner Eric Kripke warned us of it earlier this month when he was hyping up the anti-superhero satire. And if you've watched any of the newly released series, you know he wasn't lying.

**SPOILER WARNING! Minor spoilers for The Boys lurk below!**

Based on the comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys features a liberal amount of brains, blood, and guts splattered throughout its eight episodes. However, there was one specific moment that Amazon thought took things a little too far. The scene in question was initially in the second episode, after the ultra-powered Homelander (Anthony Starr) was scolded by corporate super-wrangler Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue). 

Earlier today, Kripke revealed the somewhat graphic details of what we didn't get to see during a Reddit AMA.

"There was ONE SCENE that Amazon said F--K NO, you have to cut," Kripke wrote. "I couldn't quite understand why considering everything else we have in the show, but: Homelander, after being dressed down by Stilwell [sic] in episode 2, was standing on one of the Chrysler building Eagles. He pulled his pants down and started jerking off, mumbling 'I can do whatever I want' over and over again until he climaxed all over New York City. We shot it! Oh my God, Anthony was the BEST in that scene. Amazon seemed to think it wasn't necessary. I thought it told me something about his psyche."

Okay, so, despite all the sheer superpowered sexual revelry that's shown, like when Hughie (Jack Quaid) gets a tour of the supes' "real" secret lair, it seems that a superpowered narcissist spitefully masturbating on the Chrysler Building was just a bit too much for Amazon. While Kripke's argument over what it revealed about Homelander may be valid, it's not like the show didn't get plenty of opportunities to delve deep into the character's sexually damaged psyche. 

Kripke also clarified in the same answer that Amazon had "been great" and "that may have been the ONLY fight I lost in Season 1." Given that the (literal) superhero-skewering series was renewed for a second season a week before it even premiered, it looks like Kripke and company will get plenty of chances to push the envelope in future episodes.

If you want to check out all this blood-splattered depravity for yourself, The Boys Season 1 is available to binge on Amazon Prime right now.