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Get An Occult First Look at David Gordon Green On The Set Of The Exorcist: Believer

The Exorcist: Believer hits the big screen Friday, Oct. 13.

By Josh Weiss
A BTS scene from Blumhouse's Exorcist:The Believer

Blumhouse and Universal Pictures have officially kicked off the demonic hype train for The Exorcist: Believer (opening exclusively in theaters this fall, with a Peacock streaming release to follow) with a behind-the-scenes image of director David Gordon Green on the set of the upcoming horror film. The production still in question finds the Halloween filmmaker kneeling by an occult symbol painted directly onto the floor.

"The countdown begins," Green declared in a video message posted to the Blumhouse YouTube account Thursday. "We are 134 days away from the release of our film — The Exorcist: Believer. Right now, our team is putting the finishing touches on things; we're excited to bring it to you on the big screen. That's gonna happen very soon. Keep an eye out here for more updates."

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A BTS scene from Blumhouse's Exorcist:The Believer

Meant to kick off a brand-new trilogy, Believer features the return of Ellen Burstyn, reprising the role of Chris MacNeil nearly half a century after the release of the original Exorcist.

The character finds herself drawn back into the world of hellish possession after two young girls — Olivia Marcum and Lidya Jewett — go missing in the woods and turn up several days later. To them, however, it was only a couple of hours. Leslie Odom Jr. and Jennifer Nettles co-star as the concerned parents, with  Okwui OkpokwasiliRaphael Sbarge, and Ann Dowd rounding out the cast.

Last month, producer Jason Blum described the project as "the riskiest movie" of his career so far because of its hefty price (Blumhouse, of course, built an entire reputation on churning out monster box office hits on small-to-middle budgets). "Usually the bar to success on everything we do because it’s inexpensive is incredibly low," he added. "For The Exorcist, it’s high."

Speaking with SYFY WIRE earlier this year, Green's usual cinematographer, Michael Simmonds, teased a different vibe when compared to the recent Halloween titles. 

"It's certainly more suspenseful and claustrophobic and true to the original material," he said. "A Halloween movie is going to inherently be like a soap opera [with] drama, moments of camp, and callbacks. Much of these Halloween movies are for the fans with references to random stuff from the last 30 years of these things. And [the new Exorcist] is not gonna be like that."

The Exorcist: Believer hits the big screen Friday, Oct. 13.

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