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The Flash: Diggle's return will deal with aftermath of that Green Lantern tease in Arrow finale

By Trent Moore
The Flash Diggle

Fans of Arrow were understandably pumped to learn that David Ramsey would reprise his long-running role as Oliver Queen’s crime-fighting partner John Diggle in the Arrowverse this season — but now it sounds like we’ll get even more payoff from his final appearance in the Arrow season finale.

As fans are aware, there had been speculation and set-up for years teasing that Diggle might actually turn out to eventually become a Green Lantern. That theory paid off in Arrow’s final episode, when a flash-forward showed Diggle discovering a mysterious, green-glowing artifact that seemed to seek him out. You know… not unlike the iconic Green Lantern rings of DC Comics lore.

That final moment became much more intriguing when word broke a few months ago that Ramsey would be back with a five-episode arc in the Arrowverse this season, appearing across three different shows via The Flash, Superman & Lois and Supergirl (he’ll also be working behind the camera, directing a few episodes).

Diggle Green Arrow

Looking ahead to the upcoming seasons of all those shows, Flash showrunner Eric Wallace says Diggle will be dealing with the fallout of that green-glowing mystery as part of his post-Arrow story arc this year when he returns.

“When we last saw Diggle, he had a situation at the end of Arrow that he needed to deal with,” Wallace revealed to TV Line. “So he arrives to help Team Flash in the back half of the season carrying the weight of that ‘problem.’ And the question is: How can he help Team Flash when he’s got something even bigger on his mind? And that’s what the story is.”

Does that mean we’ll finally get to see him power-up with a Green Lantern ring? Possibly, though not all that likely, unless they plan on finally making the Lanterns a part of the Arrowverse canon now in the wake of Superman & Lois’ series launch. Considering a Green Lantern Corps. show is already in the works for HBO Max, we’ll most likely just get some allusions to what Diggle is dealing with around the margins — and hopefully a few more mysterious green glowing shots, too, of course.

Superman & Lois premiered this week, while The Flash returns March 2. Supergirl is scheduled to return at midseason for its final season — so it hopefully won’t be too long until we see Diggle back in action (in whatever form that might take).