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Sneak into the mind of a symbiote with exclusive look at Titan's 'The Philosophy of Venom' book

By Jeff Spry
The Philosophy of Venom Cover

Venom has slowly and steadily become one of the most demented darlings of the Marvel Universe, and with the ravenous symbiote launching onto the silver screen in Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage in September, his twisted star power is rising even further. 

Now to prime you for the deranged misadventures to come in director Andy Serkis' slithery sequel, Titan Comics is inviting you to enter the unique consciousness of Venom in a new 128-page hardback arriving Aug. 13 and aptly titled, The Philosophy of Venomand SYFY WIRE is delivering a special exclusive preview of its timely wisdom.

The Philosophy of Venom Cover

As we all anticipate this fall's followup to the first Venom flick from 2018, Titan’s life-affirming offering attempts to tap into the crazed and illustrious brain of the cosmic symbiote superhero in a deluxe collection of Venom's most heroic, villainous, shocking, and occasionally killer moments from his entire comic book history.

The Philosophy of Venom

"Venom's always been one of my favorite Spider-Man villains, but as we see in this book, he's so much more than that,” editor Jake Devine told SYFY WIRE. “He’s whacky, he's terrifying, but most of all, he's huuuunngggrryyy! The Philosophy book gives us a glimpse into Venom's world, and I for one am glad he's shared it with us.”

The Philosophy of Venom

In Titan's massive edition, fans will be transported into the mind - or minds - of Venom. His formula to existence is simple: Eat, save, kill, repeat! Hero or villain? Psychotic or vulnerable? Does anything really make sense to a famished feral symbiote from beyond? Taking life advice from a devious entity might not seem like the most productive self-help session, but within that sharp reptilian mind lies some profound musings.

Witness all the paranoia, the paramours, and the pure hunger that drives Marvel's addictive anti-hero with a look at his favorite memories, best friends, worst enemies, dynamic comic action, and striking cover art. 

Titan Comics' The Philosophy Of Venom attacks comic shops and book stores on Aug. 13.