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SYFY WIRE Tom Holland

Watch Tom Holland rib Chris Hemsworth for not being a 'frontrunning' Avenger

By Jacob Oller
Avengers: Endgame Thor sitting

The Avengers are certainly busy post-Endgame, even after the Marvel film seemed to tie up enough loose ends to let its superhero stars take a much-deserved break. But with Thor actor Chris Hemsworth donning the sleek suit of the Men in Black and a recently unsnapped Spider-Man taking Tom Holland Far From Home, fans are going to be seeing a lot of the Avengers stars this summer. And they, it seems, have been seeing a lot of each other.

That becomes apparent in a funny new video where Holland and Hemsworth do a fake junket interview for their movies...with each other. Insults are traded, movies are slammed, and Oscar chances are considered.

Take a look:

Apparently Far From Home only allowed the “frontrunning Avengers” among the cast, since the film is partially about who’s going to be replacing Iron Man among the ranks of the superhero team.

Hemsworth is a bit hurt, but not as hurt as he is when Holland fails to name him among his top four Hemsworths. The Thor actor is still proud of his "method" Oscar attempt, joking that he has already cleared space for the Oscar that his turn as Lebowski Thor certainly earned him. He then fires back a few barbs of his own, calling Holland “Hiddleston” because Loki is the best and everyone knows it. Now if only we could get neuralyzed and watch the jokes again with fresh eyes and an empty memory.

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2 while Men in Black: International arrives a few weeks earlier on June 14.