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WIRE Buzz: A Toy Store Near You stocks trailer; Rob Liefeld's Prophet movie adds Marc Guggenheim; more

By Jacob Oller
A Toy Store Near You trailer

Those hungry for even more nostalgia from the folks behind The Toys That Made Us won't need to wait much longer. The nonfiction content creators who dug into the depths of fans' earliest playtime memories are going to the source: toy stores. Their new show, A Toy Store Near You, comes from creator/director Brian Volk-Weiss and explores mom-and-pop throwback toy stores around the world.

Now the show's first trailer, A Toy Store Near You, is tapping in to both sides of the toy fandom: those who collect to live and those who live to collect. There will be over 40 episodes, spanning the globe, as owners and toy obsessives film their own shops amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Check it out:

"Keep calm, buy toys," says own store owner, and it might as well be the slogan for the series. The doc series also serves as a promotional tool for indie stores losing business from in-person traffic they can no longer depend on under quarantine.

The first episode of A Toy Store Near You is heading to Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and more on May 29.

Next, it’s been a while since fans heard about a certain Rob Liefeld superhero comic adaptation — no, not Deadpool. This project is about giving Image Comics’ Prophet, another Liefeld-created supersoldier, a big-screen adaptation. While Studio 8 has been set to bring the character to film since July of 2018, the movie finally landed a writer — and he’s well versed in all things super.

According to Deadline, Marc Guggenheim — the prolific writer/producer behind The CW’s Arrowverse — is writing Prophet. The idea is to create a franchise, which in turn will lead to greater profits (ha!), so his expertise in the interconnected TV world should come in handy.

But this story is going darker than Guggenheim has usually gone (he also wrote Green Lantern), covering the time-displaced John Prophet’s transition from ice-cold killer to actual human being. If this sounds like Cable, Deadpool, or any number of other ‘90s musclebound Liefeld badasses, it’s not far off. However, with those X-Men characters captured in whatever plans Marvel has for its new mutant acquisitions, the rest of Liefeld’s library is ready to break new ground. The only question now is when.

Finally, the horror filmmaker behind Midsommar and Hereditary is helping bring a Korean cult hit to English-speaking audiences. Save the Green Planet! is getting an English remake from original writer/director Joon-hwan Jang — and Ari Aster, along with producing partner Lars Knudsen, is teaming with Parasite production company CJ Entertainment to make it happen.

Deadline reports that the dark sci-fi/comedy — about an eccentric who kidnaps and tortures his boss because he, allegedly, thinks that the businessman is an alien out to conquer Earth — is getting an adaptation from screenwriter Will Tracy (Succession).

“One thing we learned from our success with Parasite is that audiences globally are excited to see genre-bending films with big themes,” CJ’s Miky Lee said.

“Swinging with youthful abandon between white-knuckle suspense, absurd slapstick, grim horror and a deeply felt (and earned) sense of tragedy, Save The Green Planet! is one of the most remarkable films to come out of South Korea – among this recent wave or any wave, for that matter. When we heard that director Jang was passionate about revisiting this iconic work, bringing it to the US and updating it to reflect the mess of the world today (which feels even more ripe for this kind of apocalyptic skewering than when the film was first released), we leapt at the chance to be a part of it,” Aster and Knudsen explained in a joint statement.

No timeline for the film (which probably won’t retain the title Save the Green Planet!) has yet been set.