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Prepare for Buffy-esque action in first trailer for Peacock's new supernatural series 'The Girl in the Woods'

By Matthew Jackson
The Girl In The Woods Trailer Still

What if you made an interesting new friend who told you there's a secret door in the woods that leads to a monster dimension? That's the hook at the beginning of The Girl in the Woods, the new supernatural teen drama from Peacock and Crypt TV, and the first trailer is here to get you ready for the Buffy-esque monster-hunting action that lies ahead.

Adapted from the short film "The Door in the Woods" by producers Crypt TV and an all-women writing team led by Jane Casey Modderno (The Birch), The Girl in the Woods begins with Carrie (Stefanie Scott), a teen runaway who's just escaped a mysterious commune in the Pacific Northwest. The cult-like group isn't just out in the woods for kicks, though. They're there to guard the rest of the world from what lies on the other side of a lone door where humanity's worst nightmares lurk. Now that door is a larger threat, and to stop it Carrie will need to team up with new friends Nolan (Misha Osherovich) and Tasha (Sofia Bryant) to face down demons both literal and metaphorical.

In the trailer below, we get a taste of the action, including everything from training sequences to teen banter to some seriously creepy monster designs.

Check out the trailer here:

Based on Joey Greene's 2018 short film "The Door in the Woods," and its 2020 sequel "The Girl in the Woods" from David Calbert, Van Nguyen, and Roxine Helberg, The Girl in the Woods promises to dig into social issues and teen drama alongside all the monster hunting, and represents a big leap for Crypt TV from the original short films to a full-length streaming series.

In addition to the writing team, the series also features contributions from Krysten Ritter, who directed the first four episodes, and Jacob Chase (Come Play), who directed the last four episodes. It all seems to add up to some very fun monster-hunting adventure television, arriving just in time for the Halloween season.

All eight episodes of The Girl in the Woods arrive Oct. 21 on Peacock.

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