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TV THIS WEEK: Cloak & Dagger, A Discovery of Witches premiere; Legends of Tomorrow returns

By Trent Moore
Cloak and Dagger Freeform

Spring is slowly starting to, umm, spring — which means we have some midseason premieres and returns to freshen up the geek TV schedule.

On the series premiere front, AMC is launching A Discovery of Witches, a new dark fantasy series (which already premiered in late 2018 in Britain). If you're looking for something a bit more Marvel-y, Freeform has the Season 2 premiere of Cloak & Dagger. After a slow burn during Season 1, this show actually looks to ramp up the action in Year 2. Finally, The CW has the midseason premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, the absolute wildest show in the ever-growing Arrowverse.

Digging a bit deeper into the schedule, SYFY has new episodes of Happy! and The Magicians; while FX has a new episode of the buzzy vampire comedy What We Do in the Shadows. AMC has a new episode of Into the Badlands, and History is back with Knightfall (which features 100 percent more Mark Hamill this year). If you're looking for a bit of counter-programming this weekend, AMC has the original, '80s version of Pet Sematary ... you know, in case you need a refresher before the remake freaks you out.

Check out our full rundown below and let us know what you'll be watching.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow (The CW), Monday 8PM - "Lucha de Apuestas"

MIDSEASON PREMIERE: When the Legends hear that Mona has let a fugitive go, they must head to 1961 Mexico City to clean up her mess. Mona tries to convince the Legends and the Bureau that the people responsible for releasing the fugitive were some mysterious Men in Black and not her. With no evidence to back up her theory, the Legends must decide if they should trust her and go against the Bureau. Meanwhile, Nate and Zari go on a recon mission to find out what Hank might be hiding from everyone.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow | Midseason Sizzle | The CW

Happy! (SYFY), Tuesday 10PM - "Tallahassee"

Hailey spends a day with dad. These mitzvahs are murder.

What We Do in the Shadows (FX), Wednesday 10PM - "City Council"

The vampires get embroiled in local Staten Island politics as their first step to world domination.

What We Do in the Shadows | Season 1 Ep. 2: City Council Preview | FX

Marvel's Cloak and Dagger, Thursday 8PM - "Restless Energy," "White Lines"

SEASON PREMIERE: After coming to terms with their destiny, Tyrone and Tandy find it difficult to just stand by and do nothing while bad things continue to happen throughout the city; Brigid struggles with her recovery.

A Discovery of Witches (AMC), Sunday 9PM - "Episode 1"

SERIES PREMIERE: In Oxford's library, American historian and reluctant witch Diana Bishop unwittingly calls up an ancient magical manuscript, and finds herself confronted by geneticist and vampire Matthew Clairmont, who is determined to get his hands on the book.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow (The CW), Monday 8PM - "Lucha de Apuestas"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Shadowhunters (Freeform), Monday 8PM - "Stay With Me"

Clary and Jace come up with a risky plan to get rid of her twinning rune, which may bring an old enemy back into the fray; Alec worries about Magnus.

Haunted Hospitals (Travel), Monday 10PM - "A Question of Sanity"

A new nurse's life is spared when a dead doctor warns her about a violent patient, a hospice nurse finds herself in a tense standoff with a patient's ghost, and repeated encounters with shadow creatures leave a nursing home cook emotionally.

Into the Badlands (AMC), Monday 10PM - "The Boar and the Butterfly"

Sunny and Nix seek information that could destroy Pilgrim. The Widow and Bajie team up with the Master. M.K. leads Pilgrim to a great source of power.

Knightfall (History), Monday 10PM - "The Devil Inside"

Now back in the Knights Templar Order as an Initiate, Landry continues his training under the harsh guidance of Talus, the battle-hardened Initiate master. DeNogaret implores King Philip to build a legal case against the Knights, seeking the aid of a former Templar to help carry out his plan. Prince Louis is tasked with a shocking secret mission.


Going to be honest, this is shaping up to be a slow night for genre fare. Dig back into your Netflix queue on this one, maybe knock out Season 3 of Santa Clarita Diet? It's pretty great.


The Magicians (SYFY), Wednesday 9PM - "The 4-1-1"

The gang talks to a book. Tick threatens to drink some water.

Happy! (SYFY), Tuesday 10PM - "Tallahassee"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Paranormal Caught on Camera (Travel), Tuesday 10PM - "Ghostly Regulars at Haunted Pubs and More"

Ghostly patrons haunt pubs throughout the United Kingdom, a shadow creature stalks a police officer on an empty plane in Mexico City and a sea monster is spotted by multiple witnesses on the Thames.

What We Do in the Shadows (FX), Wednesday 10PM - "City Council"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Whiskey Cavalier (ABC), Wednesday 10PM - "Five Spies and a Baby"

The team must return a kidnapped baby to its parents while also taking down the human-trafficking network that led to his capture.


Marvel's Cloak and Dagger, Thursday 8PM - "Restless Energy," "White Lines"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Supernatural (The CW), Thursday 8PM - "Game Night"

Sam and Dean race to help a friend in need. Meanwhile, Mary is concerned for Jack's wellbeing, and Castiel enlists help from Jo-Anael to track down a miracle.

Supernatural | Game Night Promo | The CW

The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Thursday 8PM - "The Laureate Accumulation"

Competitors Pemberton and Campbell charm America on a publicity tour, so Sheldon and Amy try to bring Nobel laureates Kip Thorne, George Smoot and Frances Arnold to their side. Also, Halley's fear of the dark leads to opportunity and conflict for Howard, Bernadette and Stuart.

The Big Bang Theory 12x18 "The Laureate Accumulation” Promotional Photos Season 12 Episode 18


MacGyver (CBS), Friday 8PM - "Murdoc + Helman + Hit"

When Nicholas Helman resurfaces to carry out a killing spree, the team is forced to get help from the one person who knows him best -- his protégé, Murdoc.

MacGyver - Murdoc + Helman + Hit (Preview)

Blindspot (NBC), Friday 8PM - "The Night of the Dying Breath"

The team races against the clock to save one of its own after Dominic enacts a nightmarish scheme in a bid for Madeline's freedom; tensions soar with Madeline as she makes her own demands.

Pet Sematary (1989) (AMC), Friday 8PM

A family's life in small-town Maine is shattered by the evil unleashed from an ancient American Indian burial ground.


The Nun (HBO), Saturday 8:15PM

PREMIERE: Vatican officials send a priest and a novitiate to investigate the suicide of a young nun in Romania. They soon find themselves in a fight for their lives when they encounter a demonic force that takes the shape of a nun.


The Simpsons (Fox), Sunday 8PM - "I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say D'oh"

Marge becomes director of Springfield's local theater, armed with Lisa's script resembling "Hamilton"; Homer joins a baby class with Maggie, and he takes a liking to supervisor Chloe.

A Discovery of Witches (AMC), Sunday 9PM - "Episode 1"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

*TV listing information via TV Guide and Zap2it.