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SYFY WIRE Van Helsing

Van Helsing Season 5 brings us back to the present in teaser for new episode

By Josh Weiss

After three weeks spent in the past, SYFY's Van Helsing is hurtling back to the future (great Scott!) in the teaser trailer for Episode 4 of Season 5.

Appropriately titled "State of the Union," next week's episode picks up in the present, where Dracula, aka the Dark One (Tricia Helfer), is occupying the most powerful job in the world: President of the United States. Jack (Nicole Munoz) was able to slightly alter the past and rob Dracula of some of her power, but the ancient blood-sucker is still a major threat with grand plans to conquer the world of mortals.

Elsewhere, Violet (Keeya King) is being interrogated for her attempted assassination of the faux POTUS in the Season 4 finale. And speaking of thwarted assassins, where's Ivory (Jennifer Cheon)?

Watch the teaser now:

The Dark One Takes the Oval Office | Episode 4 Preview

"She starts to question who she can trust. She definitely has her confidence shaken a little bit," Helfer teased to SYFY WIRE about her character ahead of the new season's premiere. "Through her interactions with the Van Helsings ... she comes to realize they're more of a formidable foe than she maybe gave them credit for."

Episode 4 of Van Helsing's final season premieres on SYFY next Friday, May 7, at 10 p.m. ET. The first four seasons are currently available to stream on Netflix.

Van Helsing

The first three episodes of Season 5 are now available to stream on the official SYFY app. The app is free to download, and viewers can either connect to their cable subscription to access the full content or sign up for an NBCUniversal profile and use up to three free credits.