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Final season for SYFY's 'Van Helsing' tracks down April premiere with first teaser

By Josh Weiss
Van Helsing Season 5

Hail to the chief ... of blood-sucking! Dracula's in the Oval Office and Van Helsing is nearing the end of the fantasy road. The hit SYFY series will return for its fifth and final season of 13 episodes Friday, April 16, the network confirmed today with the release of an initial teaser trailer.

Van Helsing

In Season 5, Vanessa (Kelly Overton), Violet (Keeya King), and Jack (Nicole Munoz) "risk everything to finally bring an end to the Dark One once and for all," teases the official synopsis provided to SYFY WIRE. "The Van Helsings must figure out ways to escape and evade the various obstacles in their path to prevent them from their mission, leading to an epic final showdown between the Van Helsings and the Dark One. Who will win the battle between light and dark?"

Watch the teaser now:

Van Helsing Returns April 16


Jonathan Scarfe ("Axel Miller"), Tricia Helfer ("Dracula"), Aleks Paunovic ("Julius"), Kim Coates ("Count Dalibor"), Jesse Stanley ("Oracle"), Jennifer Cheon ("Ivory") are all returning to reprise their roles from previous seasons of the hour-long drama.

Filming for Season 5 officially resumed last summer amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The show (a co-production between Nomadic Pictures and Dynamic Television) implemented strict protocols to ensure that the cast and crew remained healthy. In fact, Van Helsing was the first dramatic project to return to set in Canada. It also was able to wrap up the European leg of production in Bratislava, Slovakia prior to the pandemic shutting down live-action shoots last March.

“It was surreal —we were in quarantine, your job was to stay at home, stay safe, and then all of a sudden, you’re on set,” Cheon said during a Comic-Con@Home panel in July. “There was something that was so real about it this time — being in a pandemic, being where we are as humanity and now bringing it into this apocalyptic vampire world. There was something that was very close to home about it."