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SYFY WIRE Deadly Class

WATCH: Deadly Class cast doles out superlatives

By Jackie Jennings

It’s not uncommon for the cast of a TV show to become close, but not every series pairs up its stars as roommates.

Recently, SYFY WIRE caught up with Deadly Class cast members Benjamin Wadsworth, Maria Gabriela de Faria, Liam James, and Luke Tennie. While attending a school for assassins like King’s Dominion will put their characters at odds with each other, the performers have become very friendly in the process. So after they finished answering our questions about the show itself and working with series creator Rick Remender, in this video, they share a few examples of how well they’ve come to know each other.

For example, almost everyone agrees that Wadsworth is most likely to break a scene and laugh on the set ... except perhaps for Wadsworth himself. But there is a mitigating circumstance.

“[It’s] because of Liam, because Liam’s hilarious,” offers Tennie. “Because you [Wadsworth] work with Liam a lot.”

It also turns out that de Faria is the most likely cast member to drop her phone in the toilet. She’s indicates that it’s happened before, and it may have happened with her mic. But you’ll have to decide if she’s kidding or not.

Additionally, the performers decide which of their former cast members would be the ideal companion on a desert island, and which one should be the star of their own reality show.

For more funny details from the cast, you should check out the entire video. Then you can already watch the first episode of Deadly Class before its SYFY debut on Wednesday, Jan. 16.