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Watch: The Walking Dead wakes the zombie horde in opening scene to series' 11th and final season

By Benjamin Bullard
TWD The Walking Dead Season 11 Daryl Norman Reedus

Busted relationships, warring factions, and planting new roots for civilization to take hold: Over the past few years, The Walking Dead has at times veered beyond the bounds of its sci-fi setting to probe the dramatic human depths of the Robert Kirkman comic on which it’s based. But at the end of the day, as AMC’s new teaser for the show’s upcoming final season makes terrifyingly clear, it’s still a show about zombies — and lots of them it would seem.

AMC is giving us an early first look at the opening moments of Season 11’s premiere episode, which can't come soon enough with its debut this weekend. And for anyone wondering what the network means when it says the sprawling three-part final season will get back to a more epic sci-fi feel, the sight of zombies rising to devour our walled-off heroes in the midst of a Mission: Impossible-style supply caper seems to deliver a pretty definitive answer.

Check out the opening moments of "Acheron: Part I,” the final season’s first episode.

Better to let sleeping zombies lie, right? The survivors use up pretty much every weapon in the vast TWD playbook as they carve an escape path out of a derelict, walker-infested military base after their supply run goes all kinds of wrong. At least the gang has plenty of seasoned veterans of the post-apocalypse on its side: Daryl (Norman Reedus) aces crossbow bulls-eyes from up above, while Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Carol (Melissa McBride) hold the line at ground level with sweeps of suppressing fire.

Season 11 is set to unfold over three separate release arcs, with each spanning eight episodes. AMC+ subscribers were treated to the “Acheron: Part I” premiere on Aug. 15, with each of the final season’s episodes arriving on the premium streamer one week early. But for everyone else, Sunday, Aug. 22 is the day that marks the beginning of the end. We’re not sure where things go after these tense first four minutes, but we’ll know soon enough when The Walking Dead returns to AMC this weekend.

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