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Westworld: Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood preview S3 as HBO shares pics, episode titles

By Benjamin Bullard
Westworld Season 3 poster

The hourglass is emptying fast on the way to Westworld’s fateful Season 3 premiere, and HBO is amping up the android buzz with new cast photos that tease just how much the series is changing. In the aftermath of all the chaos that's shaken Delos, Inc. and its mad, bad creation all the way to its dystopian foundations, everyone looks a little leaner and meaner — all the better to take the fight out of the park and into the streets.

HBO just revealed new looks at the core cast who’ll be on board for the raised stakes in the upcoming season, sharing a trove of character photos that find Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), Maeve (Thandie Newton), and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) looking more self-aware and razor-sharp than ever. Plus we get fresh glimpses at Tessa Thompson and cast newcomers Aaron Paul and NFL star Marshawn Lynch, along with a piece of epic key art capturing the bleak future that pits the robots against their (former) human masters.

Check it out:

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores in Westworld Season 3

Thandie Newton as Maeve in Westworld Season 3

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard in Westworld Season 3

Tessa Thompson in Westworld Season 3

Aaron Paul in Westworld Season 3

Marshawn Lynch in Westworld Season 3

Westworld Season 3 poster

Just in time to bone up on where things left off in Season 2, Wood and Newton also took to Twitter, where they answered fan questions in a series of fun video tweets that show them to be way more friendly than their characters have become — at least if HBO’s killer Season 3 trailers are anything to go by.

HBO also shared title names, synopses, and creative credits for the first four Season 3 episodes, so make what you will of the lineup listed below:

Episode 1: "Parce Domine" (March 15) — “If you’re stuck in a loop, try walking in a straight line.” — Written by Lisa Joy & Jonathan Nolan; directed by Jonathan Nolan.

Episode 2: "The Winter Line" (March 22) — “People put up a lot of walls. Bring a sledgehammer to your life.” — Written by Matthew Pitts & Lisa Joy; directed by Richard J. Lewis.

Episode 3: "The Absence of Field" (March 29) — “If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, don’t blame the mirror.” — Written by Denise Thé; directed by Amanda Marsalis.

Episode 4: "The Mother of Exiles" (April 5) — “The truth doesn’t always set you free.” — Written by Jordan Goldberg & Lisa Joy; directed by Paul Cameron.

Asked which scene stands out the most for Dolores, Wood said to keep a close eye on the entire first episode, adding that she’s about to have her fighting chops put to the test. “I’m just excited for people … the whole setup, you know, is pretty amazing,” she said. “And I do get to do a bit of fighting, which I’m excited — because I’m a black belt, and this is the first time I’ve actually gotten to showcase that!”

For the once-demure Dolores, now liberated and ready to take on the whole human world, the chance at some action is such a big shift that the rest of the Westworld cast apparently weren't even aware of her gift for throwing hands. “I didn’t know until this season!” Newton joked about her co-star’s martial arts skills. “I’ve known you for six freakin’ years, and I find out — well, I definitely found out — that she’s a freakin’ black belt!”

The whole tone surrounding Season 3 seems to strongly hint that human beings are about to become the vengeful androids’ (or at least Dolores’) playthings. But it’s Newton who may have summed things up best in her response to the fan who asked what song most accurately describes her Westworld character this time around. 

“Live and Let Die!” Newton jammed, in her best Paul McCartney/Beatles voice (or is that the Axl Rose cover version?). Whether Season 3 is all for one or one for all, we’re all in as HBO gets set for Westworld to return when “Parce Domine” kicks things off with the March 15 season premiere.