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What's on SYFY this week? 'Chucky' Pride marathon, 'Despicable Me,' 'Spider-Man' & more

Here’s what to watch on SYFY for the week of June 27 - July 3, 2022.

By Trent Moore
Minions (2015), Chucky, Spider-Man 3 (2007)

This week on SYFY brings a Pride Month marathon of the entire first season of Chucky, a catch-up on the Despicable Me movies and plenty of classic sci-fi adventures to round things out.

Along with the entire first season of Chucky and a mini-marathon of Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 over the weekend, there’s also a Thursday night deep dive into Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, which is always a web-slinging adventure worth taking. Oh, and the Quantum Leap run of SYFY Rewind is also hitting the show’s fifth and final season, which brings some of the biggest and twistiest leaps yet.

Here’s what we recommend on SYFY for the week of June 27 - July 3, 2022.

Tuesday: Chucky Pride Marathon

Celebrate Pride by going back to the entire first season of SYFY and USA’s hit original series Chucky, which will run from 4 p.m. until midnight on SYFY and encompass the entire eight-episode run. It’s twisty, deadly, hilarious, scary, progressive and a whole lot of fun. It’s also an excellent chance to catch up before Season 2 arrives later this year.

Thursday: Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man is back in the limelight following his return in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and SYFY has director Sam Raimi’s original trilogy from 3:15 p.m. until midnight with Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3. Come for the superhero-ing, stay for the corrupted Spidey street dance moves.

Friday: SYFY Rewind leaps into Season 5

Starting at 6 a.m. and running well into the night, SYFY Rewind will keep on leaping into Season 5 of Quantum Leap, as the rewatch of the original series enters its home stretch with the fifth and final season. Get ready, because that controversial cliffhanger ending is coming up soon. But don’t worry, NBC’s upcoming revival series aims to pick up the story where the old show left off.

Saturday/Sunday: Get ready for Minions: The Rise of Gru

The new animated comedy Minions: The Rise of Gru opens this weekend, and to get you in the Minions-y mood, SYFY will be showing Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday to stay in that silly frame of mind. The two films air Saturday starting at 7 p.m., and Sunday starting at 4:30 p.m. on SYFY.