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Abigail's End Credits Honor the Late Angus Cloud with an "In Loving Memory" Tribute

The Euphoria actor passed away last summer at the age of 25.

By Josh Weiss

Last summer, the world mourned the tragic passing of Euphoria star Angus Cloud, who was only 25 at the time of his death. The late actor will make one of his final onscreen appearances this weekend in Universal Pictures' Abigail.

In the new horror film (directed by Radio Silence duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett), Cloud plays the role of Dean, a skilled — albeit slightly sociopathic — getaway driver for a motley crew of criminals looking to collect a $50 million ransom by kidnapping the 12-year-old daughter (Matilda the Musical's Alisha Weir) of a wealthy man. Their plan abruptly falls apart when the ballet-loving girl turns out to be a murderous, nigh-indestructible vampire capable of tearing through six fully-grown adults as though they were made of tissue paper.

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Why Abigail Is Dedicated to Cast Member Angus Cloud

SYFY WIRE can confirm the film is dedicated to Cloud with an "In Loving Memory" tribute appearing at the onset of the end credits, which presents the actor's autograph within the outline of a cloud. While we won't comment on Dean's fate in the film, audiences can rest assured that he's one of the funniest, most memorable characters in the movie, which was entirely by design.

"It was emotionally, it was hard, but there was also something that we really wanted to make sure that he was really showcased in the movie," Bettinelli-Olipin explained during an interview with ComicBook. "It's really easy to go in and cut the character stuff and the little beats that you maybe do or don't need but for us, we were like, it's so special anyways in a movie and then to have it be Angus' last movie, we didn't want to just short change that in any way. We felt a responsibility. And so, we really, we mined the footage, we made sure that we looked for everything from him. If there was any moment that was kind of special: is there's a way to use it? Is there a way for us to get this in? Because in a lot of ways you could watch this movie and know that we took extra care to make sure that the Angus stuff all lived and we even put a lot of stuff on, you know, the behind the scenes stuff because he was always making everybody laugh and so he's in a lot of jokes. It's just as much as we can do with this movie to help keep his memory alive."

Abigail opens in theaters nationwide beginning Friday, April 19. Click here to grab your tickets!