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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

'Resident Alien' boss teases Harry and the General's partnership moving into Season 3

Get ready to dive down a rabbit hole that is the "alien lore" surrounding underground military bases.

By Josh Weiss
Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 16

The Season 2 finale of SYFY's Resident Alien finally tied up the loose ends — or should we say time loops? — on the whole Goliath storyline. We were made to think the important message contained within the alien newborn was just about a malevolent alien race planning to take over. However, the remainder of the communiqué brings a word of advice that will change everything as the show moves into its third season.

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Goliath (played by David Bianchi) — who just so happened to be an alternate version of the fake Harry Vanderspeigle from a future where The Greys destroyed the planet — not only informs our Harry (Alan Tudyk) about the forthcoming invasion, but also warns him not to kill General McCallister (Linda Hamilton), who may still prove useful in the brewing struggle for the fate of humanity. Goliath's mistake was taking her out of the equation and he paid dearly for it, losing everything and everyone he loved.

"[He] a little too late realized, ‘Oh, sh**, I could have used her.’ So the main message he's sending Harry is, ‘Do not kill her because you need her,’" creator, showrunner, and executive producer Chris Sheridan recently told SYFY WIRE. "Luckily, Harry got the message in time and did not. So now, we go into Season 3 with Harry deciding he's got to work with his enemy in order for the greater good, which is saving the Earth. So we’ll see more Harry and McCallister working more on the same side in Season 3."

After a prolonged game of cat and mouse between himself and the government (or perhaps shadow government), Harry willingly gives himself up to the General. He's escorted to her new base of operations, an underground bunker inspired by "alien lore about there being a couple hundred underground military bases in the U.S. alone," Sheridan said. The entire chessboard has been upended as The Greys become the big bads and the government transforms into one of the goods guys. At least for now.

"It's exploring that concept of, ‘What is it like to have a military base half a mile underground and what might be there?’ There's a lot of discussion about these bases that are deep underground, where no one can see them, and they have a lot of alien sh** down there," Sheridan continued. "Now that McAllister and Harry are working together, it's McAllister trying to use Harry and his knowledge to see what they can figure out about why The Greys are here and see if [they] can solve that problem. It’s a little bit of a production nightmare to create a new military base, but if we can figure out how to do it, it's a fun way to really lean into the alien nature of some of these things that are going on and we'll get a sense of our version of what the government might have on the aliens and explore that a little bit, too."

Production on Season 3 of Resident Alien kicks off in early 2023.

The first two seasons are now available to stream the SYFY app and Peacock.