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WIRE Buzz: Baby Yoda becomes a Chia Pet; Peabody 2020 nominations; Dolores Roach

By Josh Weiss
Baby Yoda The Mandalorian

B-B-B-Baby YodaThe Mandalorian's breakout character is soon to be a Chia Pet. Yep, they're still a thing, and to be quite honest, a partnership with Disney/Lucasfilm is a genius move on Chia's part. Star Wars fans just can't enough of the green little alien with a big appetite and Force sensitivity.

Remember when the Funko Pop shattered all kinds of records before it was even ready for shipping?

Based on the advertisement below, the chia seeds will sprout inside Baby Yoda's comfy hover pram. You can pre-order your own BY planter (on sale in July) from Entertainment Earth for $19.99.

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Chia Pet

Chia sets based on Chewbacca and regular Yoda are currently available for purchase.

Season 2 of The Mandalorian debuts on Disney+ this fall. This is the way.

Stranger Things, Watchmen, and Good Omens are all in the running for this year's Peabody Awards. All three will be competing in the Entertainment category, which also includes Pixar's Float.

“Peabody is proud to champion this year’s nominees who inspire our connection, provoke our thinking and delight our senses. From the communal strength of black women to the eminence of science to the conviction of those who speak up, these stories and their creators celebrate the diversity of human experience and of our democracy,” Jeffrey P. Jones, executive director of Peabody said in a statement. “Amidst the challenges of our present moment, we can find empathy, entertainment and truth in these nominees.”

Peabody nominees 2020

The three shows pictured above have collectively won or been nominated for Peoples' Choice Awards, Critics' Choice Television Awards, Nebula Awards, or Hugo Awards.

For the full list of Peabody nominees, click here. Winners are to be announced Thursday, June 18.

Blumhouse Television's The Horror of Dolores Roach TV show has landed at Amazon, Deadline reports. Dara Resnik (co-creator of Apple's Home Before Dark) is serving as showrunner and will work closely with creator Aaron Mark on adapting his Gimlet podcast of the same name.

A virtual writers' room is already underway for the project, which is part of Mark's overall first-look deal with Blumhouse TV. The screen rights to Dolores Roach were acquired last spring.

The podcast (itself adapted from Mark's one-woman play, Empanada Loca) tells the story of an ex-con who begins strangling massage customers in the basement of her friend's empanada shop. Inspired by the likes of Sweeney Todd and Alfred Hitchcock, The Horror of Dolores Roach explores themes of murder, love, weed, gentrification, survival, and cannibalism.

"The idea of cannibalism — literally and figuratively — felt like something that was worth looking at right now in a society that is cannibalistic in certain ways," Mark told SYFY WIRE back in 2018. "So, it was that larger thematic idea of a culture feeding on itself that I became really fixated on and the literal expression of that."

He also expressed his hope to revisit the central character down the line, stating, "I'm really fascinated by horror ... I very much hope there's a lot more story to tell about [her]," he said.

Well, wish granted, Mr. Mark.

Daphne Rubin-Vega (Rent, Katy Keene), who played Dolores in both the play and podcast, is also reportedly involved with the adaptation process.