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WIRE Buzz: Future of AMC's NOS4A2; Arrow spinoff update; 'Followed' box office

By Josh Weiss
NOS4A2 Season 2

While AMC's NOS4A2 adaptation is sticking closer to Joe Hill's novel for its second season (currently airing), the show is sure to run out of Inscape after the finale. According to showrunner Jami O'Brien, there may be future seasons still to come.

"You know one of the wonderful things about what Joe set up in the novel is that, there are a lot of Strong Creatives in the world, and some of them are good like, Maggie Leigh, and some of them aren't so good, like Charlie Manx," she told Comic Book Resources. "And so I think that, were we lucky enough to have multiple seasons and overrun the book, I think that there's a lot implied within the novel for future seasons."

Thanks to the events of Season 1, the series has already set a precedent for loosely using the source material to tell a unique story that still follows the spirit of the original. It's not hard to imagine the same being done for Seasons 3 — infinity (exact number still to come). But one thing at a time; right now, Vic McQueen (played by Ashleigh Cummings) needs to confront her past, which comes in the form of Zachary Quinto's Charlie Manx.

"I don't want to spoil it," O'Brien continued. "I will say this, Season 2 is heading towards a dramatic showdown between Vic and Manx."

The first two episodes of Season 2 are now available to stream at

What's the deal with that long-gestating Green Arrow-Canaries spinoff? Well, Marc Guggenheim has provided fans with an update on the project, which is still waiting on an answer from The CW.

"Is there any updates on Green Arrow and the Canaries btw? I'm really hoping it gets picked up," wrote @hifive326 on Twitter.

"So are we!" Guggenheim said in response. "We should receive word — one way or another — very, very soon."

Earlier this month, the writer/producer said that he was looking into options to conclude the unresolved story threads from the backdoor pilot (which aired during Arrow's final season) if the new series did not get picked up. In late April, Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) admitted she was "confident" that the project would move forward into a full-blown show, but there's been no news since.

Found footage movie Followed is getting an international rollout from MPI Media Group after topping box office charts in North America, reports Deadline.

While most theaters remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release has managed to bring in $300,000 from just 44 venues, a good chunk of them being drive-ins, which have seen a resurgence in recent months.

Written by Todd Klick and directed by Antoine Le, the film tells the story of a social media influencer (Ballers' Matthew Solomon) who decides to stay at a "haunted" hotel in order to net more subscribers. What begins as a harmless publicity stunt devolves into an all-out horror experience.

The entire narrative is told through YouTube-style vlogs.

John Savage, Sam Valentine, Caitlin Grace, Tim Drier, and Kelsey Griswold co-star.