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SYFY WIRE Neil Gaiman

WIRE Buzz: Rory and Amy Return thanks to Neil Gaiman; Daisy Ridley reads Star Wars; more

By Donnie Lederer
The Ponds

In this edition of WIRE Buzz, two fan-favorite Doctor Who characters make their return, a Jedi reads us Star Wars, and Two Dragon Ball actors talk voicing one character.

On Saturday, fans gathered together online to do a re-watch of the Neil Gaiman-penned Doctor Who episode "The Doctor's Wife." ComicBook.Com reported that before the event began, the BBC YouTube page premiered a short video entitled "Rory's Story." Also written by Gaiman, Arthur Darvill returned as Rory Willams, who is recording a video diary for his and Amy Pond's soon-to-be-adopted son Antony. He talks to his future son about the events of the 1940s, in which he and Amy now live following the events of "The Angels Take Manhattan." While she doesn't appear physically (kudos to social distancing), Karen Gillan's Amy does make a vocal appearance. Check out "Rory's Story" down below.


Next, Nerdist let us know that the reach of our favorite Star Wars heroes goes far beyond the movie theater or TV set. On Friday, the Star Wars Twitter account posted a video of Rey herself, Daisy Ridley, reading to fans. While it would have been cool for her to read the Thrawn Trilogy, she decided on the much more digestible BB-8 on the Run by Drew Daywalt and Matt Meyers. Maybe someday we'll get the Ridley version of Heir to the Empire.

ComicBook.Com hosted a "Quarantine Watch Party" of Dragon Ball Super: Broly! During the night, Dragon Ball stars Chris Sabat (Vegeta) and Sean Schemmel (Goku) talked about their approach to voicing Gogeta, the character created when Goku and Vegeta complete their fusion dance and become one warrior. See how they approached giving one character two distinct voices.