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SYFY WIRE Jonathan Hickman

WIRE Buzz: X-Men comic drops launch trailer; The Outpost stands strong for third season; more

By Jacob Oller
X-Men #1 cover

X-Men comics keep getting better under the watchful eye and legendary pen of writer Jonathan Hickman. The dual forces of Powers of X and House of X have made a new dawn rise upon the world of mutants — and that means a new comic. 

Hickman is teaming up with artist Leinil Francis Yu for a new era of X-Men’s flagship comic, where Krakoa is the homeland of mutants and home base of the X-Men. Now this exciting new move for the comics has a launch trailer all its own, featuring Marvel’s editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski and senior editor Jordan D. White. 

Check it out:

"These will be one-and-done adventures," Hickman said at NYCC. "Cyclops will be the leader, and the team will change with each issue as the mission dictates who is needed." With a limitless roster of heroes (and villains) to choose from, Hickman’s run on X-Men promises to be one of the most memorable and “uplifting” in years.

X-Men #1 hits stores on Oct. 16.

Next, The CW’s foundation of genre shows continues to hold strong. The Outpost, and its ragtag team of survivors, awaits the attack of the Prime Order now that the Kynan Griffin and Jason Faller-led series has been renewed for a third season.

According to Deadline, the fantasy show revolving around Talon (Jessica Green), Gwynn (Imogen Waterhouse), and the growing rebellion against a trifecta of dictatorial warlords is continuing its story after its second season saw only a slight decline in viewership from S1.

The series also stars Jake Stormoen and Anand Desai-Barochia. The ballad of the Blackbloods will continue when The Outpost returns in the summer of 2020.

Finally, His Dark Materials takes fans behind the scenes of its production thanks to one of its stars. The BBC/HBO adaptation of the Philip Pullman trilogy is going to be a big genre event — and Lin-Manuel Miranda is here to take viewers beyond the excellent trailer.

Take a look:

The show, which will document the daemon, armored bears, magic, and kidnapped children of the saga, stars Miranda as aeronaut Lee Scoresby. The brewing war with the Magisterium is referenced and Scoresby is called the "Han Solo" of the series, while Miranda explains his personal connection to the franchise. Seeing Miranda fiddle with his hot-air balloon's pulleys and levers (all in front of a green screen) lends a tangible quality to the VFX-heavy series.

His Dark Materials launches on Nov. 4.