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Star Wars: Squadrons is the epic, EA space battle we've been waiting for in first trailer

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Jun 15, 2020, 11:29 AM EDT

A brief intercepted message teasing out a mysterious flight plan...sounds like a Star Wars plot, right? Well, when Star Wars: Squadrons leaked this March as Project: Maverick, that's basically what fans got themselves into as the latest Star Wars game from EA hinted at a classic conflict between Rebels and Empire, taking place in the dogfighting open space that gave the films their WWII action. Now the first trailer has dropped for Squadrons and gamers are getting a glimpse at what's to be expected of them.

Star Wars fans have been flying X-wings in games since the original 1983 arcade game — then taking spins in the beloved Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader and Battlefront series, to name a few — so Squadron's gameplay should come as no surprise. But it is surprising just how awesome it looks. Now, mere days after being announced, fans got their first look at the next step in Star Wars flight gaming.

Check it out:

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"Five pilots, one squadron - the galaxy's finest." Everything from a TIE Fighter to the Empire's giant battleships enter into the trailer, which opens with a stunning chase through an asteroid belt. The game boasts "first-person multiplayer space dogfights alongside your squadron" as well as a standalone single-player story (probably focusing on the female Rebel pilot and her Empire adversary).

Star Wars: Squadrons flies into gamers' homes (and their PC, Xbox Ones, and PS4s) on October 2.